Thursday, 10 August 2017

Wednesday 9th August 2017 - Sedges Tile

Dad's Army were fishing Sedges Tile today, sixteen men? plus Flo the dog arrived, I wonder who will win!!   They all looked pretty keen, and there was plenty of speculation due to the return of the Nasty Sherrif, who has got a suspect back; I don't reckon that's all that's suspect.

I got on with the money business, and Jamie selected the pegs to be fished.    Everything was completed in quick time, and then it was time for the draw.    Kev got the Golden Peg number twenty five.   I drew thirty eight, and was quite happy with Tonto on my left and Baz to my right, followed by Tivi Dave.

I had a plan!! but a local expert told me different.    I had a dilemma, so I decided to start with my plan.    All went well for a couple of hours, until those pesky scaley backs moved in, it also persisted down with rain, and I wanted a wee wee!

Two o'clock arrived, the rain eased, and I was able to relieve my bowel discomfort; that was better.  I was still struggling, so I changed my bait, without much success.   I then succumbed to local knowledge forty minutes from the end, and caught a few more pounds of hard earned silvers.

The weather lightened, and we were ready to weigh in.    We started with Danny of the bad back, who tipped 32lbs of silvers and 24lbs 8ozs of carp into the weighing net?  He swore blind he didn't know where they came from; another of my nuggets into his deep pocket.

The weights were good all round.   Spod on peg thirty two had high hopes,  with 102lbs 6ozs, but Ninja next door cruised in front with 114lbs.   It was a good turn out, the full results are below.

            On Sunday we visit Avalon, and Wednesday next it's Trinity WOODLANDS
                                   plenty of room at both.

                                                          Bring it on

                                                                    Chair Bob

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