Monday, 14 August 2017

Sunday 13th August 2017 - Avalon Fisheries

At Avalon today there were seventeen of the lads trying their luck.    Ron was looking after us, he had sorted the pegs, so everything was ready.   I just had to collect the money, settle the bill, and sort the pools.

We were then ready for the draw, the Golden Pegs were nine and twenty five, which were drawn by Treasure and Stan the Man.    I drew twenty, and was sandwiched between Horny Hedgehog and Bad Boy George!   There was going to be a lot of chat over the next six hours, and not much of it complimentary.

It was ten o'clock, Horny tooted, and we got underway.   My idea was to catch in as close as possible using sweetcorn over ground bait, and hope it's the larger skimmer and bream that takes the bait.   I had to be patient and wait for the float to move, but it's the larger fish that I catch, and after two hours I was thinking of a sizable bag.    After midday it went quiet, with just another five fish in four hours, but I still weighed  18lbs 12ozs of silvers, enough for second.    Bad Boy George weighed 18lbs so was beaten by his next peg AGAIN.   That clown Horny reckoned he would get a nugget off me with three carp, but as Eric would say "they are only Ninjas" so more good news.

Man with No Name won the sivers withe 23lbs 15ozs, and overall went to Tony Newell with 94lbs 4ozs, he's never out of it.   Chef was second with 88lbs.

There were plenty of fish caught in very good weather. How else could a group of 'gentlemen' spend their day.

Next Sunday it's the Viaduct, and on Wednesday we're at Trinity Woodlands.

Until then

                                                             Chair Bob

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Wednesday 9th August 2017 - Sedges Tile

Dad's Army were fishing Sedges Tile today, sixteen men? plus Flo the dog arrived, I wonder who will win!!   They all looked pretty keen, and there was plenty of speculation due to the return of the Nasty Sherrif, who has got a suspect back; I don't reckon that's all that's suspect.

I got on with the money business, and Jamie selected the pegs to be fished.    Everything was completed in quick time, and then it was time for the draw.    Kev got the Golden Peg number twenty five.   I drew thirty eight, and was quite happy with Tonto on my left and Baz to my right, followed by Tivi Dave.

I had a plan!! but a local expert told me different.    I had a dilemma, so I decided to start with my plan.    All went well for a couple of hours, until those pesky scaley backs moved in, it also persisted down with rain, and I wanted a wee wee!

Two o'clock arrived, the rain eased, and I was able to relieve my bowel discomfort; that was better.  I was still struggling, so I changed my bait, without much success.   I then succumbed to local knowledge forty minutes from the end, and caught a few more pounds of hard earned silvers.

The weather lightened, and we were ready to weigh in.    We started with Danny of the bad back, who tipped 32lbs of silvers and 24lbs 8ozs of carp into the weighing net?  He swore blind he didn't know where they came from; another of my nuggets into his deep pocket.

The weights were good all round.   Spod on peg thirty two had high hopes,  with 102lbs 6ozs, but Ninja next door cruised in front with 114lbs.   It was a good turn out, the full results are below.

            On Sunday we visit Avalon, and Wednesday next it's Trinity WOODLANDS
                                   plenty of room at both.

                                                          Bring it on

                                                                    Chair Bob

Monday, 7 August 2017

Sunday 6th August 2017 - Summerhayes Longs Lake

It was Sunday, the sun was shining, and Summerhayes Longs was the venue.   A measly fifteen turned out, but at least they were all keen to get to grips with it.

Peter was talking his usual CARP or have I spelt that wrong? but he  was on good form, the bacon butties and hot drinks kept coming.   He selected the pegs to be fished and pegs twenty eight and seventeen were the golden ones, which were drawn by Tonto and Dick.

I did all the business, paid Pete, and we made the draw.   I drew thirty eight, which was not ideal.   I had Martin to my left and Terry on the right.   There were lots of small roach and rudd present, but I was reliably informed, by the person who talks a lot of C---P,  that I could catch skimmers ?

Six hours later I was thinking, why did I not stay with the roach, as George won the silvers with just 6lbs 13ozs, and the Cockerel was second with 5lbs 14ozs!!   Oh what could have been?

The overall was won by Martin with 100lbs 6ozs of small carp, and the Man with No Name second with 97lbs 8ozs and the Chef third with 85lbs

Except for the shortage of silvers it was a good match, with plenty of fish caught.

              On Wednesday its Sedges and Sunday Avalon.   We are always receptive
                                   to phone calls.

                                                 Let's be having you
                                                                   Chair Bob

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Wednesday 2nd August 2017 - Landsend Match Lake

We were at Landsend today and struggling for numbers.   The forecast was for rain and wind, but we were quite sheltered here, and the rain turned out to be just one heavy shower, so it was not so bad.

I collected the money, selected the pegs to be fished, and settled up with Di.   Next it was the draw, and Dick drew for me!  giving me peg 17 which was the Golden Peg, so I was in with a chance.

We then went off to our positions and set up.   I had Tonto to my left and Chef Pete on my right.  There was plenty of movement in the water, I hoped it was not all carp.

Horny tooted and we got underway.   No ground bait for me, just loose feed at four sections, corn, caster and maggots, with double maggot on the hook.   It was not long before the first carp was in the net, followed by a good roach, a perch, and a two and a half pound tench.    What a pleasant change from catching carp and skimmers!!!  I also caught a nice crucian and some lumpy bream.   I had a great days fishing, my total weight being 83lbs 2ozs. which was 21lbs 6ozs of silvers, and 61lbs 12ozs of carp.

It's so refreshing to go to a fishery not knowing what species you will catch. Thanks Mike, I look forward to our next visit.

Stan the Man took overall from peg five with ll2lbs 5ozs, the lowest weight being 30lbs 6ozs.   Full results below.

        On Sunday we visit Summerhays Longs, and next Wednesday it's Sedges
                 plenty of room, so get on the phone please.

                                        Get your bums out there.
                                                       Chair Bob

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Sunday 30th July 2017 - Viaduct Cary Lake

Scary Cary hosted 20 HLS guys on Sunday while PSV had Campbell and there was a Sunday open on Lodge. Viaduct is a very popular place and keeps Steve, Helen and Matt busy dealing with us all.

I was keen to note that the silvers weights have been improving and so was hoping my fingers would pull out 77 or 78 from the can. I was not to be, 98 came out and left me in two minds. Advice from the shop said that some reasonable silvers had shown from there but when I got to the peg I was seduced to the carp side. A pellet waggle and lead rod was set up along with a full depth rig, shallow rig and paste rig. Pellet and meat were my choice of baits.

To cut a long story short, I managed just one carp in the first four and a half hours. Graham on my right was fishing a pellet feeder and was getting regular bites. Where I had fed some green betaine and tried paste I got a lot of fizzing and bites from the silvers. So, with an hour and a half to go, I switched to a silvers rig, at depth and 4mm meat cubes and started catching nice skimmers and proper bream. A 10lb mirror crashed the party but I managed to land it on .017 line. At the weigh in my silvers went 9lb 14oz. If only!!!! Steve King on 96 had stuck to the silvers from the beginning and finished with 21lb 3oz. The little Bolton bar stool, George, had another charmed day and tempted the silvers into his net with the winning weight of 29lb 3oz.

As for the overall results, crafty Roger, on 81, had extracted 142lb 1oz of carp. There were rumours of him using the 'not quite floating bread' method but I can't believe Roger would visit the dark side!

Please see the results below......

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Wednesday 26th July 2017 - Avalon Fisheries

There were just ten of Dad's Army fishing Avalon, on this damp but warm day.   Ron looked after us with a good selection of pegs.   The Golden Peg was number five, which was drawn by Tivi Dave.     Dave had one of those senior moments and left the wheels of his trolley at home!!  he did reassure me he is not off his trolley?

I settled all the business and the draw was completed, so it was off to set up.   Bad Boy George drew peg nineteen, and virtually ran to his peg, but sneaky Bob drew peg twenty, so we would see?

I shouted all in, and it was two small balls of ground bait with some sweetcorn to see what would happen.    Most of the lads were fishing for silvers, so overall would be between Ninja, Tonto, and the Chef.    That was how it finished, with Ninja weighing 108lbs 5ozs from peg ten.

My day started slowly with just one very small skimmer after an hour.   The bad news was, I knew George was catching steadily and was quietly confident;  but my day got better, my net fuller, so I became hopeful.

At the weigh in George pulled out my net and the scales went round to 43lbs 10ozs.   Next it was George, he had split his fish into two nets, but after my rough maths he totaled 33lbs 8ozs.   I had a smile, I'd beaten him from the next peg.

         It was a wet but very rewarding day, let's keep doing it!!

                             On Sunday we visit Viaducts on Scary Cary which is full.
                                    Wednesday next we tackle Landsend and I hope for a good
                                           turnout, please ring!!

                                                   I like this fishing
                                                            Chair Bob

P.S.    Our Sunday match results will in future appear in the Angling 
                    Times.   Bait Tech Club Results page. 

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Sunday 23rd July 2017 - Sedges Brick

I was not fishing today, but there was a full lake of twenty at Sedges.   I spent an hour watching the lad's tactics, but did not see anything I want to remember!!

Treasure did the business, and the Golden Pegs were drawn by Bad Boy George number nine, and Cockerel Colin number eleven, a real flyer, the peg I mean?  I paused to chat to each of the guys, and when I was talking to Ninja I glanced across the lake and spotted George playing a carp!  Then he disappeared as his umbrella folded up around his head; definitely not a trick I want to try.

The rest of this blog is hearsay from other competitors.    Horny Hedgehog drew his personal swim number twenty, but he had it so bad he packed up early.   Tonto fishing peg nineteen reckoned it was Christmas, he cast to his left catching three carp in quick time, what was Horny up to??

I'll not quote anymore rumours, I must not risk putting my reputation for honesty on the line.    The full results are below, and as you can see a lot of fish were caught.

        On Wednesday its Avalon, I could do with more names, and Sunday
                                     its Viaducts Cary which is full.

                                                             Well done the lads

                                                                                     Chair Bob