Thursday, 27 April 2017

Wednesday 26th April 2017 - Trinity Ash Lake

This Wednesday morning was frosty and the winds cold, blowing from the North East!  Did we have any "GREAT EXPECTATIONS", I thought not.  The lad's were in good cheer, and parted with their money quite easily, so all the business was completed.

Misha was looking after us today, dishing out the hot drinks and selecting the pegs to be fished,   The Golden Peg was number seven.    Horny was with us today, he had so much gel on his hair it stuck up, and he looked like an insult to a SCARED HEDGEHOG;   he must be the oldest swinger in town.

At the draw I got 19, and was well pleased, as the fish were there the last time we fished here, but sadly not today.

As expected the going was tough, even the Chef next to me struggled, which made me feel not so bad.

At the weigh in the Merlin had magically put 20lbs 10ozs into his net, where they came from nobody knew.   Well done Brian.   The silvers were sparse, with George on the top, closely followed by a HEDGEHOG.

    Our next match on Sunday is at Sedges Tile, which is full, and next Wednesday
               on Avalon where I would like more names please.

                                                    See you on Sunday

                                                                 Chair Bob 

Monday, 24 April 2017

Sunday 23rd April 2017 - Avalon Fisheries

The sun was shining and the birds were twittering? What am I on about , silly old fart.   Anyway 21 arrived to test their skills? on this popular venue; they all looked very keen and sharp?

Treasure was taking the money and Horny was making a lot of noise, like a cow in labour, but what's new?   Vic sorted the peg numbers with two Golden Pegs 3 and 26, and it all ran very smoothly. 

I drew peg 16, and was happy with an empty peg to my right and Treasure to my left, this promised a quiet day's fishing.   As I had fished on Saturday, I decided on an easy day in the margins after listening to the local advice I should do OK.  My bait was caster and 4mm soft pellet, with a little ground bait feeding regularly.

Horny tooted and we got to it, Treasure had a carp within minutes, and I thought good weights, but this was not the case.    I had a busy day catching mostly roach with an odd bonus fish.   I am sure I would have done a lot better if I had taken Vic and Leigh's advice, as it was I weighed 16lbs 3ozs of silvers with not a carp in sight; enough for third silvers but it was enough for the Nasty Old Sheriff, Tivi Dave, and Bolton George's nuggets; I'm not smirking, but that made my day.

Simon won overall and the golden peg with 55lbs 14ozs and Pete the Chef cooking up a second.   It was a good match, but the carp were not showing in numbers.

              Wednesday it's Trinity Ash, and next Sunday Sedges Tile.  There is room
                                                                                                               on Wednesday.

                                       Get hooked!!

                                                                 Chair Bob

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Wednesday 19th April 2017 - Summerhayes Longs Lake

There were thirteen stout fellows, in full kit and ready to assault the venue, which looked in excellent condition.    I arrived first and unloaded my car,  giving me time to collect the money, chat to Peter, and select the peg numbers.

I collected the loot and paid Peter, then it was time for the draw.   Peg 4 was the Golden Peg drawn by Kev, but I must say it was not the best peg on the lake.   I drew 11, with George to my left and Sheriff to my right;  I must have been very naughty to deserve this!!! 

I shouted all in, and within minutes George is moaning, his elastic was stretching, the scaleys were in action.   Not so with the Nasty Sheriff,  who was catching skimmers and roach.

I was not catching silvers, so decided to catch carp in the margin, and I must say I had an enjoyable day;   at the weigh in I  totaled 41lbs 11ozs.   George took the silvers with 12lbs 9ozs, and Merlin weighed in with 88lbs 14ozs for overall.

I would like to thank and congratulate Peter for a clean and improving fishery, and we look forward to returning in the near future.   Also to thank the lads, who made my day with their help and freindship.

                  On Sunday it's Avalon and Wednesday next Trinity Ash.

                                           Let's do it!!

                                                           Chair Bob

Monday, 17 April 2017

Sunday 16th April 2017 - Viaduct Campbell

It was my monthly outing with the HLS gang (Hookers, Lechers & Sadists). It is also my turn to write the blog and give Bob a chance to rest his wrist.

On arrival at the Viaduct Fishery the sun was out and all was calm except Horny Beards who was complaining of a bad back and had Tonto help him into his gimp suit. The forecast was for a strengthening westerly wind. Those on the far bank of Campbell would be sheltered but would the wind push the fish across to the near bank? I drew peg 111 which happened to be a golden peg and I was told to take at least 5 nets with me. That's a kiss of death!!

I hadn't had this peg before but on arrival I decided it had to be a carp day and so set up a pellet waggler, lead rod, 8m line to fish pellet/paste and finally a margin rig. Baits were 6mm/10mm pellets, soft pellets, meat, bread and maggots.

I turned out to be a game of two halves. Those on the far side and then my side. The only shining star on our side was Brian Chivers on 110. He weighed in 107lb 12oz and had 5lb disallowed for overweight. I only managed 6 carp for 40lb and froze my arse off in the face of the wind. The far side bathed in sunshine, wind on their backs and solid shoals of carp for the match. Top spot went to Dave Allen with 172lb 1oz.

On the silvers side of life, Chairman Bob was next to me on 112 and had a lovely days fishing with a good net of skimmers for 34lb 2oz and top spot. However, I believe there should have been a stewards inquiry as Bend-It Bendell arrived and turned into Bob's slave boy, picking up equipment that Bob kept dropping and advising on many other matters. Hope he bought you a pint Mike!!

Please see the results below......

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Wednesday 12th April 2017 - Shiplate Hawthorns

The sun was shining but there was a cold wind, this seems to be the weather pattern of late, so the water temperature stays low.     This did not deter the thirteen of Dad's Army who were paying their cash and surmizing how they may come out on top in our contest.

I collected the loot and completed the business;  it was then time for the draw.  Peg 2 was the Golden Peg which was drawn by Kev.   I drew 4 with George on 3 and Tungsten on 5, so plenty of chat today.   I had very little bait, my casters were floating and my maggots were rubbish,  but there were enough for the hook, and with a small amount of groundbait I was ready for the off.    Two thirds out and down the edge was the theory today, I noticed George was fishing in a similar way.  From the off I was catching roach and skimmer in front, then a bonus crucian, so things were going nicely.   A look down the edge, but nothing just yet, just  a perch about 3ozs.   Back out and the carp were becoming active.   I have decided to catch a few of these pests on my light rig and a 20 hook, so just a little patience was needed.

At the all out I had 17lbs of silvers and 25lbs 14ozs of carp;  a great day's fishing, and it was enough to win overall and the silvers.  I hope the bad patch is over!!  George got the silvers by default with 15lbs 4ozs, but everyone caught.  

Thanks to Steve and Reggie for looking after us, and we are looking forward to our return.

                  On Sunday it's Viaducts Campbell we are full, and next Wednesday it's  
                              Summerhayes Longs, I would like some more names please.

                                                    Think fish

                                                                Chair Bob

Monday, 10 April 2017

Sunday 9th April 2017 - Emerald Pools

What a start to the day;  I booked two lakes  then was told last Friday it could only be one lake and the side of another.   When I arrived there were already two fishing on the part of the lake allocated to me.   At this point Lauren turned up, and after much talk I got 20 pegs.  Not the start I wanted!

Treasure did the business, and Danny and I sorted the draw.   It was a great day weather wise, and we were raring to go.  Horny had a malfunction with his horn, so it was a shout all in and we were underway.

I drew peg 8 between Sausage and Tony Newell, but  I did not like the look of the scum and debris on the water in front of me.    At the start there were fish being caught but not by me;  I must get my act together.   After about two hours I was looking across the lake at Colin's face, the next moment all I could see were his feet stuck up in the air;  what measures some people will go to just to distract others!

At the all out everyone seemed happy with all catching,  but none so well as Sausage who won with 76lbs 8ozs, while the nasty old Sheriff excelled with 26lbs 1oz of silvers.

Considering my problems with the pegs I'd like to thank the lads for accepting the situation with not a moan to be heard!!!  Again thank you.

             The full results below.

               It's Hawthorns Shiplate on Wednesday and Viaducts Campbell on Sunday

                         I don't mind if the phone rings!

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Wednesday 5th April 2017 - Emerald Pools - Ruby Lake

There was a full section of eleven Dad's Army on parade this  morning, and after my inspection they were passed fit for duty.

I approached Kev, and returned the half of his gear he had left behind at the last match!!  He then informed me he had left his money at home, and could I sub him until next week?   I have informed "AGE CONCERN"

George turned up early, so we went pegging  the swims to be fished;  sorry Sheriff but George selected them.   I then got on with the business, which is not difficult on a Wednesday;   this completed we got on with the draw.   The wizard got the Golden Peg number 9, and with two left in the hat Danny was muttering he didn't want 4 so he drew 6, which I thought was the worst on the lake, and so it turned out to be, it was the only DNW.

I got  4 and was quite happy with the Chef to my left, and my investment Kev on my right , so I was in good company.    Pete and I were sat with no sun and plenty of scum on the water, which brought a lot of comments from some of our friends?? They were not too kind either.

My day started busily with two chucks for two small carp.  I had a really enjoyable day's fishing for 29lbs 3ozs. 

Half an hour in, and Alan's apprentice, his grandson, approached and I paid our dues.  I reckon, with Alan's training, he wil be a shrewd lad to deal with.

This match was another total success.  A bunch of lads who all like to fish and have a craic with their mates.
                         On Sunday we return to Emeralds, and next Wednesday it's
                                 Shiplate Hawthorns. I am restricted to 15 on this popular venue.

                                             So get on with it!!

                                                          Chair Bob