Monday, 16 October 2017

Sunday 15th October 2017 - Sedges Tile Lake

The day was Sunday 15th but as it progressed I'd would have believed it to be Friday the 13th!!

It was my monthly outing with this fine bunch of men anglers misfits  fine bunch. It was a full house for Tile lake and the weather conditions were forecast to be kind to us.
I had come with carp in mind today after many months of silvers fishing so my bag was filled with a selection of pellets, meat and corn. I had more or less decided on my plan of attack and so when peg 28 came out of the bucket, I was happy that I had an island to fish too with either a method or a straight lead. Three pole line were the order of the day; one at 11m, one at 5m and the other in the left hand margin.

For company I had Tony Newell to my right, Steve King to my left and Eric Searle in a favoured peg 30. The breeze was blowing from right to left (from peg 40 to peg 30 direction).

To start with I tried the method, loaded with micros and a 6mm pellet to the island. The silvers took interest but nothing else. I tried different bait on the method to see if that changed things, but it didn't. I then tried the straight lead in various spots to see if I could find any fish, but nothing. The reel on my lead rod decided to fall apart on one cast and I lost a huge amount of line. That went up the bank.

I had fed the pole lines at regular intervals and so tried these next. My one and only bite of the day was a very welcome perch of about 2lb from the margin. At least I didn't blank, ha!!!

As for the rest of the guys, Tony Newell caught on his first cast and continued for the rest of the day to land first place. Next to him Tony Fry had some fish, making me think the fish were gathered in that area. Eric in the corner really struggled in the first few hours but caught up to take 3rd. Pete Cooke on 23 obviously charmed the fish into his swim for 2nd place.

From my position I couldn't see many of the silvers boys but Steve informed me that Danny was working his magic to claim 1st and more nuggets from Bob and George. 2nd was Dave Tungsten and Chairman Bob 3rd.

As the match progressed I knew it was going to be a poor day as my stomach started cramping and I started having dizzy spells. The decision at 2 to get home while I could was wise as the world fell out of my bottom and I've been horizontal now for 24 hrs. For those of you that I shook hands.... Sorry and good luck!

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Wednesday 11th October 2017 - Viaduct Match Lake

It was a Wednesday trip to Match Lake Viaducts   Thirteen of the lads arrived to take their positions on this fourteen peg lake.  Young Badger Matt was looking out for our needs, and everything ran smoothly; drinks, pegs and dosh.

The Golden Peg was fifty, drawn by Terry.   Danny was not to happy with forty one,  but I was very pleased with my peg,  which was forty four.   I had Tonto on my left, and Tivi to my right.   It promised to  be quite a pleasant day, especially so, because the Horny Hedgehog was behind the island, just a couple of toots at the most.

Ten o'clock came and we got started;  it took me half an hour to sort enough servicable pole to fish with;  I was thinking,  just one accident and my match would be over.   From the off I could see Bad Boy and Tivi catching, but I thought Tonto was meditating;  waiting for one o'clock perhaps!!

I was catching at first on maggot, then I changed to caster for better quality, resulting in good roach and a couple of bonus bream.   I also caught a couple of carp, and three F1.   I was feeling quietly confident that I had done well.   The wind was a trial today, more so for others rather than myself, plus the expected Autumn leaves.

All out and Matt came round to weigh in.  The scales were kind to me, I won overall and the silvers.   It just goes to show you really don't need ten grands worth of kit!! 
I don't think they would take my stuff at a car boot sale, or a charity shop.

Full results below.

On Sunday it's Sedges which is full. Wednesday Trinity,  room for all of Dad's Army

          So shoulders back, tits out?  Let's be having you.

                                      Chair Bob.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Sunday 8th Oct 2017 - Landsend Match Lake

The club was fishing at Landsend today, and I know quite a few of the lad's went to sample the first class breakfast that Di serves up.

Eighteen of us fished today, and against the advice given to us by Mike, we all crowded on Match Lake.  A decision I admit favouring, but as it turned out a wrong one.

Treasure took charge of the finances, and Horny seemed to be doing a little bit?  It was time for the draw, with the Golden Pegs eleven and fifteen going to Beaker and Bad Boy George.   I got peg seven, with Kev to my left, and the Chef to my right;  good company, but could I catch fish?

I was fishing light, hoping for bites, but my biggest problem was the very bright sunshine into my eyes, so half the time if I had a bite I couldn't see it.   The day progressed,  everyone seemed to be struggling, myself included.    After four hours of blinding sunlight, all I had was one carp and a couple of pounds of small fish in the net.   So all I needed was a broken four section!  As I watched three and a half sections of my pole disappearing down the lake being towed by a scaley, I thought enough is enough.

I packed up my gear, tossed back my fish, and made my way home.  To compound my bad day, when Danny dropped in the scales to me with the results sheet, I found I may have thrown away second silvers;  that should teach me a lesson.!!

Sausage had a good day, he won overall with 8lbs10ozs of silvers, and 44lbs 5ozs of carp.   Well done Paul off peg sixteen.  The full results are below.

        Wednesday it's Viaducts Match Lake, and next Sunday we visit Sedges.

                      Better times are coming PLEASE!!!

                                   Chair Bob

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Wednesday 4th Oct 2017 - Shiplate Hawthorns

The lad's were tackling Hawthorns Shiplate today, which is always a good venue for the Wednesday veterans.    Froggy Morgan is back with us today, so another challenge for the silvers.

Steve and Carol made us welcome and sorted out the pegs, while I extracted the cash from the reluctant, to pay our dues, and sorted the pools.

Everything was Shiplate shape so we made the draw.   George got the Golden Peg nine, with myself on ten.   Bad Boy was very happy and confident; he didn't stop jabbering all through the match.   Fishing for silvers was difficult, but there were plenty of carp to be caught, mostly a manageable size.

From start to finish I was struggling, but fairly confident I was beating George on silvers; which proved to be correct at the weigh in.   But that Sneaky Old B........... had changed his religion and caught carp, which was enough to win overall and the Gold too; OBVIOUSLY NOT TO BE TRUSTED!!

Big Bird won the silvers with 21lbs 4ozs, Froggy was second,  and myself third.   Tonto got second overall with 45lbs 6ozs.   George won with 68lbs 8ozs;  well done you old dog.    There was just a ray on sunshine on the day; I collected the nuggets!!

       On Sunday we visit Landsend, and Wednesday we fish Match Lake Viaducts.

                                Come and get it.

                                               Chair Bob

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Sunday 1st October 2017 - Trinity Woodlands

Eighteen of HLS arrived at Trinity on a fine autumn morning, all keen to outdo their mates?   Tim, Misha and Lilly were all in attendance, to assist and supply hot drinks.

Treasure took the money, and the pegs were selected ready for the draw.   Pegs thirteen and twenty six, drawn by Lilly, were the golden ones, these went to Man With No Name and Treasure.

All the business was done, so it was off to the bank awaiting Horny's pleasure, until  he tooted.    I had peg twenty nine, with Bad Old Sheriff on my left.   I was thinking feed regularly, and catch as close as possible, hoping for good skimmers.   So much for hope!!   Not a fish over half a pound all day, but I did manage 18lbs 12ozs of silvers.

Horny was giving his version of Richard Attenburgh, retrieving whatever from the trees hanging out over the water.    Sheriff was catching but also getting bitten by EELS, he must be a bad man.   He came round to show me his wound,  being sympathetic? I suggested a good dose of DOMESTOS would clean it.

It was a good day, but I had to settle for third silvers behind George and Danny; well done lads.   The overall was no contest, with Ninja amassing 154lbs 5ozs, beating everone else by a distance.    The full results below.

        On Wednesday it's Shiplate Hawthorns, and next Sunday Landsend.

             The Fur and Feather is approaching, names and cash please.

                                                   Chair Bob

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Wednesday 27th September 2017 - Avalon Fisheries

On a damp and breezy morning a dozen of Dad's Army arrived at Avalon.   Autumn has arrived, it's getting colder, and there were lots of leaves on the water, which can be a nuisance.

The lads reluctantly parted with their ackers,  I did the business and sorted out the pegs to be fished.   The draw was made and Martin got the Golden Peg number thirteen, with the last peg in the bag seven for myself.    I was happy, with a couple of empty pegs to my left, and Tony Newell on my right.

At ten o'clock I shouted the all in, and the ground bait started to go in, the little darlings were having their late breakfast.    My day started slowly, I was fishing worm over caster and ground bait at five sections.   I had a second swim down the right hand margin, which looked promising, time would tell!!!

Tony next door started catching scaleys on a regular basis, looking set for a good weight,  while The Chef struggled on peg five.  Two hours in with not a lot to show, I had tried the margin but it was just bits.    Back out in front I got my first flyer of the day, I got hopeful, it was a bit late in the day at 2 o'clock I thought.

Time was up, I shouted all out, and the weighing began on peg twenty two with Bad Boy George who was moaning,  what a surprise !!!    He was also telling little porkies to all the lads about weights on his way back to the car park.

The final result was a win overall for Tony, with a very respectable 92lbs 1oz. Martin won the silvers with 21lbs, and myself second with 20lbs 6ozs, just one fish short.    The only consolation being I had Danny, George, and Tivis' nuggets deep in my pocket.

      Thanks to everyone for a great days entertainment, this includes Avalon fishery.

 I have taken the first few names for the Fur and Feather already!!

        On Sunday it's Trinity Woodlands, and next Wednesday Shiplate Hawthorns.

                    Christmas is coming and the fish are getting fat? to much cider!!

                                 Chair Bob

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Sunday 24th Sept 2017 - Summerhayes Longs Lake

On Sunday 24th September and there were seventeen of us at Summerhays Longs.   Peter was in good form, and we had to listen to his weekly joke, but at least he made hot drinks for our sufferance.

Treasure took charge of the money, and I sorted out the pegs and the draw.  It all went smoothly, with Sausage and Tonto getting the Golden Pegs.

Everyone was in position with weapons loaded.    I shouted all in, and we got underway.   I drew the best peg on the lake, but I was not feeling to good, so I had to see what sort of mess I could make of it.    From the off I caught two small skimmers and a roach, and it was looking good;  but like most quick starts it went downhill, and bites were hard to come by.   I looked around, and from what I could hear most of the others were having problems.

Ninja caught well from peg eight and won overall,  with Martin second and Tonto third.    The silvers was AGAIN won by the Nasty Old Sheriff; I had to settle for second, with Tivi Dave third.

Well done Pete, new keepnets, that's another step in the right direction.

           On Wednesday it's Avalon, and next Sunday  we visit Trinity.

                   It's time to book for the Christmas Fur and Feather. Names please!!

                                           Chair Bob