Thursday, 15 June 2017

Wednesday 14th June 2017 - Emeralds Ruby Lake

Today we were fishing Emeralds Ruby Lake and thirteen of Dad's Army were on parade.   George and I turned out early, selected the pegs to be fished, and put the scales in position.    It was then time to get on with business, collect the money, and sort out the pools and fishery money.

At the draw the golden peg was 8 and Shaun got lucky.   I got peg 14 and resigned myself to a struggle.   Sheriff and I were here last time we fished, without much success;  but the sun was shining, it was warm, and there was plenty  of banter around the lake, it was all good.

I shouted all in, and within a minute Tonto had his first carp. I was not surprised the fish were everywhere and  near the surface.   I wanted to avoid scaleys so you can guess what my first fish was.   On the plus side you can always guarantee there will be lots of bites and good sport here. 

An  hour from the end I got a visit from Bend It. He sat down for a chat, but then the naughty lad started plopping stones into my landing net and groundbait, he just can't behave!

At four o'clock it was all out.  At the weigh in the weights were good, Ninja came out top overall with 84lbs 10zs.  Tonto did well with 65lbs   Shaun made a good job of the Golden Peg with 14lbs 13ozs of crucians, and got the loot.

It's time for all you chaps who want to fish the Away Day to give me your names along with a fiver  PLEASE.

On Sunday it's Landsend, and next Wednesday Avalon.  There's room on both so

don't be SHY.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Sunday 11th June 2017 - Shiplate Hawthorn & Westpool

It was a warm but breezy day at Shiplate.    Carol and Steve made us welcome and sorted the pegs out, the Golden Pegs on both lakes was 15.

I collected the money and Treasure and I completed the business.   Next it was the draw, Shaun and Rob got the lucky number fifteens.    I got peg 6 on Hawthorns, having had a short draw for health reasons.

It was for me a relaxing day, Tony Newall picked me up and loaded my gear into his car, chauffeured me to the lakes and unloaded it.   George took it to my peg and back to the car after the match, I thought this was a lifestyle I could get used to!!

At 10-0 o'clock I shouted all in, and we all got on with it.    No ground bait just loose feed, I was trying to avoid the scaleys.   I started with five sections down the track with double pinkies on the hook, and from the off I was catching.   The first hour was great, but as so often happens it all went quiet, and I struggled for the rest of the match.   To my right Bend It was making a lot of splashing, followed by saying "another carp";  I didn't believe him, and at the weigh in I was proved correct.

Bend It weighed in a very good silvers weight of 25lbs 6ozs and just 4lb 1oz of carp;  what can I say?  Well done Mike.   Meanwhile to my left there was a lot more splashing. and Martin amassed a winning overall weight of 98lbs 15ozs.   I can honestly say I was stuffed.   On Hawthorn Chef Pete got overall by default, and for myself, silvers also by default.

Man With No Name won overall on Westpool with 70lbs 14ozs, and George won silvers with 15lbs 12ozs, and as always took my nugget.

The match produced a lot of good weights, proving what a well run and productive fishery Shiplate is.

        Our next matches are Emeralds on Wednesday and Landsend on Sunday

                                 See you then,

                                               Chair Bob

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Wednesday 7th June 2017 - Trinity Ash Lake

Today we were fishing Trinity Ash and sixteen of Dad's Army were attacking the lake.    The first thing I got was a rollicking from Misha for putting to much pressure on her fish, and not to expect to much.

I took the money and gave out the new Wednesday fixtures list while answering all the other questions.    Danny sorted out the discs for the draw, and Misha drew the Golden Peg number 9 which went to Treasure. 

I drew 4, with Bend It on 3 and an empty peg to my right.   It was 13 metres to the island for one swim, and both margins, fishing mainly maggot.    I shouted all in,  then put some bait in my selected swims and started on the island line.   This produced a few small roach, and then I changed to the left hand margin, which produced more small roach.

The bird life here can be very disruptive, I had a pair of oversexed pigeons in the tree overhead, a beautiful moorhen fell in love with my float, not to mention a pair of swans with six well behaved children, and a flotilla of ducks.   All this was capped off by the verbal abuse I was taking from my so called mates, referring to my mental and physical abilities.!!

Never mind the sun was shining, and we caught some fish.  It was good to hear Misha's comment that it's not the money, it's her fish that matter regarding the overcrowding.  I'm getting to like this fishing.

The next two Sundays Horny Hedgehog is away, so book with me for these matches please.

   It's Shiplate two canals on Sunday, and Emeralds Ruby on Wednesday.

                     Get on the blower  01278683243

Monday, 5 June 2017

Sunday 4th June - Avalon Fisheries

Today we were at Avalon,on what turned out to be a very wet day.   Nineteen of the lads arrived, and Vic looked after us;  what could go wrong!!!   Well for myself I had left my umbrella and waterproofs at home!   please no comments.

Treasure did the business, and Vic selected the pegs, plus the two golden pegs which were 1 and 9.   Next it was the draw;    Horny drew peg one and Shane peg nine.   I drew twelve, sandwiched between Tony Newell and "They'll come"George

When Horny tooted it was still dry, but not for long.   I took near on two hours for my first bite, but it was a good fish followed by two more, then alas peace.   George was lying through his teeth, denying all the splashing was fish, while Tony who was fishing for carp was catching bream.

As the day progressed I got wetter and wetter, and at the weigh in I had a disappointing 9lbs 8ozs of silvers.    George on my left won silvers, and Tony on my right was second overall.    Draw you own conclusions; must do better maybe? the full results are below.

These guys are what makes a club, back in the car park and soaking wet, what did I get "see you next week, and put me down for Wednesday" there must be a mental problem.  Keep taking the pill lads you'll be alright!!

    Wednesday it's Trinity Ash and full. Next Sunday it's the two canals Shiplake
                        could do with some more.

                                                           Keep at IT!!!!

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Wednesday 31st May 2017 - Shiplate Hawthorns

HLS were fishing Hawthorns Shiplate today, needless to say it was a full house on this popular venue.   Steve Carol and Reggie were all attending to our needs, starting with peg numbers and golden peg.

I took the money, sorted the pools, and settled with Steve.  This done it was time for the draw.   The Chef got lucky, he drew the golden peg number nine.   I drew 
ten, with Tivi on my right.   Pete and I like a chat,  the weather was good, what more did I want?   FISH!!!

Horny tooted and I decided two thirds across and both margins.   I had only old maggots  and sweetcorn for bait, so I started with the trusty maggot, switching to corn after an hour, hoping for some quality.   First put in I had a small skimmer followed by a tiny roach, then nothing.   After an hour I switched to corn, with no change.    Back to single red on a 20 hook, and at last a roach followed by the occasional fish.   Two hours left with little in the net,  decided to feed more at 10 minute intervals, and this did the trick, although I was pestered by a scaley.    At the weigh in I managed 14lbs 11ozs of silvers and 10lbs 10ozs of carp.   What a good day out!!

There were lots of fish caught, and everybody weighed in with Tonto on peg one winning overall, and Treasure coming second.   The nasty Sheriff just pipped me for silvers with 15lbs 7ozs.   "They'll Come" George kept going on about the 10lb bream (he says) that got away.

 Let's have more Wednesdays like this please.   I just like the smiling faces, laughter, and of course those little untruths that anglers are known to make.

         Sunday it's Avalon, and next Wednesday Trinity Ash.

                                 Bring it on.

                                                  Chair Bob

Monday, 29 May 2017

Sunday 28th May 2017 - Landsend Fisheries

Quite a few of the lads were enjoying, what they think of as the best breakfast they get, when I arrived at 8-0 a.m. so the car park looked busy.   Eventually 20 turned out to make the draw.   Mike selected the pegs and the Golden Pegs 21 and 24 and they went into the bucket.

I took the money and sorted the pools.   The match will be fished as three sections with equal payouts.   At the draw the Golden Pegs went to Paul Bowyer and Tony Newell.    I drew peg 13 in the far corner, this is a renowned carp peg,  but it can produce silvers, so I was happy.

Horny tooted and we were off!! Well some were, it took me an hour for my first bite, which was a nice perch.   This got me started on what turned out to be a very pleasant day for me, with two perfect golden tench, three crucians, two bream, and quite a few more roach, rudd and perch, I haven't mentioned the two carp!!  I wonder why?   Roger to my right was having a lazy day, but Pete across from me seemed to be catching well.

At the all out I was very pleased with 21lbs 2ozs of silver.    The weights overall were very good considering the carp are spawning, and were splashing about everywhere.  So many thanks Mike, the lads' enjoyed their day.   Full results below.

           On Wednesday it's Hawthorns Shiplate which is full.  Sunday next we are at
                      Avalon all the more the merrier.

                                                   Happy Days

                                                               Chair Bob

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Wednesday 24th May 2017 - Emerald Pools

When I arrived at 7-45 George was already there waiting to help me to do the pegging, together with Bend It.    We put 15 on Ruby and 6 on Emerald.    Because this venue is so popular I had a record of 21 fishing, and I had to break my rule about over spilling into two lakes.

After pegging I got down to business collecting the cash, sorting the pools, and the money for Alan.   I must mention Alan was very obliging about which pegs we could use, and then letting us get on with it.

After the draw everyone wanted pegs 1-6!!, needless to say I drew high next to Nasty Sheriff AGAIN, people will talk.

Horny tooted and things got underway.   Ballcock drew number ten, the Golden Peg, would he flush the swag?    There were carp everywhere, and everyone seemed to be catching fish.   I must say I was not impressed by the white bait Danny was hauling in, he said I was not much better.

At the weigh in it went the way we thought it would, with 1st and 2nd silvers coming from Emerald, and 1st and 2nd overall from Ruby.

Baz won silvers with 66lbs 6ozs and Shaun 2nd with 37lbs 2ozs.   The overall went to Tonto with 70lbs 10ozs and the Chef  2nd with 54lbs 14ozs.   Well done to all, let's keep at it.

         Sunday it's Landsend and next Wednesday Hawthorns Shiplate max 15 .

                                               See you soon                

                                                                 Chair Bob