Thursday, 19 July 2018

HLS Angling Dad's Army Wednesday 18th July Avalon

Dad's Army arrived good and early for a skirmish at Avalon.   Pegs 1 to 23 to be used today.   I arrived early, so it was gear out and paperwork ready to receive the money from the heros?   There were fourteen of us fishing today.

Ron was not there, so I selected the pegs to be fished, putting in what were the best swims on our last visit   All the business was completed and it was time for the draw.   Ninja had his usual flyer, end peg 22, with Bend It 21, Tivi 20 and The Brad on 19.  I thought they would be hard to beat.   Boy George got the Golden Peg 13, and he was actually smiling!! or was it flatulence, we will never know.   There were two left in the hat, The Sheriff got 5, and was moaning, that left 12 for myself, next the that windy critter George, with The Professor to my right.

George reckoned he was using banded pellet today, but Kev said every time his lips move an untruth comes out.   Judging be the size of fish he was catching Kev was right.

Corn with meat as reserve was my bait today.  I started at nine metres, and back closer if possible.  The first hour and half on corn with not a bite, so I tried the meat, and was rewarded  with two skimmers, I went back to corn and had a nice bream.   After another long wait, I was catching the occasional fish, finishing off with a great looking golden tench of about three pounds.

I did not have many fish, but there was nothing under a pound for a total of 30lbs 11ozs of silvers.  Vic arrived to weigh us in and we started with that CRAP catching machine Ninja. who had a winning total of 142lbs 6ozs of said CARP.   Bend It DNW? on peg 21.   Tivi had 28lbs of carp, and The Brad 8lbs 4ozs of silvers.   Big Bird just edged WO2 Bill with 45lbs7ozs to 44lbs10ozs respectively.

Boy George who put in a second silvers net had 11lbs8ozs, just playing the old soldier.    Kev got a respectable 33lbs10ozs, with Tonto coming second overall with 84lbs7ozs.   The Nasty Old Sheriff had 18lbs 6ozs for second silvers,  we finished with Balcock 23lbs 4ozs.

                  Another great day's fishing with my mates, and our thanks to Vic for a fishery in
                                  excellent condition.

                     Next Wednesday it's Trinity Woodlands.   Will anyone stop the Ninja!!
                                Shape up lads.     Phone



Monday, 16 July 2018

Summerhayes 15/07/18

Summerhayes 15/7/2018 long lake
18 booked into todays match so we would have a bit  room well peg 1 did as it had 3 pegs empty to the right and 5 to the left so that's the peg I wanted !! I paid my pools to Shane and had a chat to the guys and it looked like it would be another hot day in the sun …

the golden peg today was peg 15 and I was thinking it might go today as it can be a great peg anyway we did the draw and I was gutted to find peg 21 in my hand !! but on the plus side I was the only person who would have shade all day as I was under the trees on the m5 motorway side I would see all my mates  cook !!!

peg 21 the shade all day ….
On the way to my peg I asked the regulars on the other lake what peg 21 was like  and I was met with
a smile and told it won a match once !!! so when I got to my peg I got onto the phone and spoke to the best all round angler in the club aka Lord C !! had a moan and the got a plan in my head … silvers it was then ..
I had 2 tarts to my left (the guru tart and willy Wonka) and the silver fox to my right so great company and lots of piss taking ..
the guru tart on peg 23 !!
I set a paste rig for the track also a dibber rig for over the mud line  and a silvers rig also for the track
and a tip rod ..
At the start I put some wetted micros and corn on the silvers line and started over on the mud line pinging 6 mm over the top and had a fish within 5 minutes but I was only a pound then I foul hooked and lost 2 more and by this point willy Wonka was catching well on the tip so I put a bit more micro and corn on the silvers line and chucked out the tip rod onto the mud line as I was spooking them with the pole above there heads (only 10" deep) and had one within 2 minutes and had 34lbs in the first hour on the tip the silvers line was scraped and put a big cup of 4mm pellets on the silvers line which I would now make into my paste line and kept topping this up every 20minutes for 4hours and would look on this in the last 2 hours to see if I would get the bigger carp … I was doing ok from what I could see so just got my head down and had a steady 4 hours on the tip and I looked at my clicker and I had 100lbs after 3.5 hours so went to get some nets and had a chat with the guys on the road side and I could see Eric catching from peg 11 ..and also Danny (Pinocchio baits) was doing the what he does best and was catching silvers …
The last few hour I spent on the paste rig and had some better fish so a busy day but a little cold in the shade!!!
Danny (Pinocchio baits) and john started the scales on peg 1 with billy no  mates roger (Hovis baits) who had nobody to talk to all day !! who had 46-11 next was brain (HMRC baits) who was 300 meters away on peg 7 who had 53-9 on peg 9 was graham who had 16-7 then it was that man Eric on peg 11 who had a great net and put on 106-6 ..pegs 12 13 15 chucked back john on peg 17 had 4-8 of silvers  then tony fry (silver fox) on peg 19 had 5-12 of silvers and 22-10 of carp on peg 21 had moaned 194-6 on the hook next  the guru tart on peg 23 had 6-5 of silvers and a carp for a total of 10-8 ..willy Wonka on 25 had a clean box and also 33-8 of carp ..kev had peg 27 and plonked on 25-1 ..George (best silvers angler in the club) on peg 29 (a great silvers peg !!) had 4-2 of white bait and 38-2 for a total of 42-4 ..D.T on peg 31 had 43-12 and Mike on peg 33 had 60-14 and lastly on peg 35 it was Danny (Pinocchio baits) and the by far the best silvers angler in the club … (that's what George said) who had a great net of silvers and plonked on 17-5 and also 16-12 of vermin for a total of 34-3 … Shane on peg 37 chucked back as he was so concerned about Roger (Hovis) baits) on peg 1 being by himself all day as he was 300 meters from him ……
The winners
1st overall s king peg 21 194-6
2nd overall Eric peg11 106-6
3rd overall Mike peg 33 60-14
1st silvers Danny (Pinocchio baits) peg 35 17-5
2nd silvers The guru tart peg 23 6-6  "I will need to check "
3rd silvers "silver fox" peg 19 5-12
Next week we are at the sedges so please book in with the guru tart ..
We are going to Hillview fishery in Tewkesbury on the 9th sept for our club away day (paid for by the club) so if you want to go please speak to the guru tart asp as we need numbers.. looking on there web-site I thought it would be good to put up a list of there rules ..also if anyone who reads our blog is from that  part of the UK could drop me a email  with tactics/size of fish etc… that would be great  .. and i will pass this info on to all my fishing buddy's !!! NOT … I think we are on a canal lake ..but not sure which one .. ..   thanks
I had a long drive back home from Bridgewater to Frome and it was the first time this year I had to put the car heater on and heated seats as I was that cold!!! see you Sunday !!!

Match and Fishing Rules for Hillview Lakes

  1. All nets should be stretched out in car park on arrival.
  2. No stink bags/net bags to be taken out of car park onto pools.
  3. Nets should be stretched out behind peg before match and only placed in the lake 5 mins before the match starts.
  4. There is a strict 75lb net limit, anything over 75lb will see the whole net disqualified.
  5. Loose fed pellets must be fishing pellets bought on site.
  6. Pellets must be fed in pellet form and not soaked; water on and straight off is ok to ensure they sink
  7. Paste must be made from fishing pellets only and must be lowered in and not cupped.
  8. Maximum 2 tins of meat to be used with a minimum 4mm cube size.
  9. No method or pellet feeders to be used.
  10. No pellet cones
  11. No fixed rigs
  12. Barbless hooks only with a max sixe 12
  13. No floating baits, no hemp, no bloodworm and jokers and no groundbait
  14. No pulling out/ cutting down bankside vegetation
  15. No additives to be added to feed, bait or paste


Thursday, 12 July 2018

HLS Angling Dad's Army Wednesday 11th July Sedges Tile

Dad's Army were at it again, attacking Sedges Tile Lake which was fishing its nuts off!!   There were seventeen of us today including the Lancashire connection, and a good bunch of lads they are, all enjoying their fishing.

Jamie and Denise made us welcome, Denise with the drinks while Jamie and I sorted the business and pegs to be fished.   After this was done, we were ready for the draw.  The lads were keen and could not wait for the assault.    Boy George as usual was not happy with his peg, neither was The Nasty Old Sheriff, just another day at the office.

I drew thirty two, with Ninja on thirty one and Bend It thirty three, so I expected abuse from one side, and plenty of splashing and disturbance from the Ninja.

All in, and today was nothing special, corn, corn, and  more corn over ground bait mix; I am such a cheap-skate.   It was six sections straight out to wait for the skimmers to arrive.   While I waited Bend It started the verbal, saying it's nice fishing next to an empty swim!!! your rubbish Bob, and more, there was just one way to beat that, catch fish.   So I did, until the scaley varmints came to mess up my gear and bully my fish.    I still had 35lbs of silvers, only to finish second to that moaning old git George, who had an excellent 38lbs plus 44lbs12ozs of carp.   Another day another nugget.

The main story of the day was Ninja with 310lbs4ozs,  this falls just short of the record.   It took eight weighs, and my abacus nearly ran out of beads making the calculation.   What a great day for Aye Man!!!   Well done you old dog. 

There were a lot of good weights, and the match yielded just short of 1009 lbs from the seventeen anglers.    A big thank you to the guys on the scales, I trust you slept well.

     A safe journey home to our guests.  Thanks Sedges for a great day.

                Next Wednesday it's Avalon, another great venue.

                           Let's keep at it.   PHONE PLEASE


    P.S.  Bend It had a DNW!! No smiling


Monday, 9 July 2018

Viaduct fishery 1/7/2018 & Shiplate farm 8/7/2018

viaduct fishery Campbell lake
firstly I would like to apologies for the late blog I have been busy watching the football and also the sun has just wiped me out each day at work so to knackered to do it ..
We had 17 booked into this match and with Campbell being our lake today I was sure it would be a great match as there are loads of carp and silvers ..
Today we had Dave Allen fishing and it was great to see him back and trust me he is no mug !!!  Having a walk round before the match there were carp all over the place but the car park end looked solid (110,111,131,132) so a draw there would be great and if I didn't get one of those pegs I would like peg 127,126 for the silvers or peg 119 for both !!!!
No Shane today so Tony fry (silver fox) was sorting out the money side of things with his side kick "The Guru tart" who had his new pole today "yes his 3rd pole in 2 years" … and he was telling us all that it was the dog bollocks but he said this about the last one (Preston m90) only for him to snap it on Campbell lake !!!!
The golden peg was pulled out and it was peg 112 …
Into the tub of dreams and I pulled out peg 123 and I was happy as I had a bit of room, looking around the lake I could see Dave Allen on peg 126 and that ever consistent silvers man Danny (Pinocchio baits) on peg 127 so silvers would be out of the question for me ….and every one else !!!
I had Eric next door on peg 124 and looking over I could see  Brian (HMRC bait) on peg 119 and Shaun ( willy Wonka)  on peg 118  …

Eric next door

looking from my peg (123)

Rodger (Hovis baits) was on peg 132 and I was thinking to myself "The writing was on the wall for us all" !!!
I set up tip rod to fish the pallet (122) and 3 pole rigs ..a slapping /mug rig ,deck rig ,margin rig...
Anyway at the start the first hour was ok for me and I had a few carp and looking around the only other person I could see was my mate Eric next door ..I hate to say this but he is very hard to beat on this venue and he just makes the tip work for him ..he is very good at it !!! git!
I could see pegs 127 and 126 having a great battle on the silvers and after 6 hours  Danny (Pinocchio baits)  had a fantastic net of silvers …
So after 6 hours of cooking in the sun Steve started the scales on peg 110 with Paul (Paxo baits) who had a great net of silvers for 32-4 then Rob on peg 111 also had good day and put on 29-15 onto the scale ..john on golden peg 112 had 14-9  then it was Kev on peg 114 who had 46-7 of carp Tony n chucked back what he had on peg 115 ...onto peg 116 "DRUM ROLL PLEASE" who had Bolton George (best silvers angler in the club) his word not mine !!!and he had 26-8 !!! Shaun (willy Wonka) was next on peg 118 and he had a total of 59-13 (and winning the pound side bet with the guru tart...again!!) And lastly on that bank it was Brian (HMRC baits) who had a total 60-2 ..
Over onto the far side and I had 143-0 on peg 123 Eric next door on peg 124 had a great net for 162-15 was Dave Allen on peg 126 who had a great net of silvers and put 36-7 ,,then Danny (Pinocchio baits) on peg 127 plonked on a fantastic 54-12 of prime silvers (well done the man) ,,,next the guru tart had 52-4 and didn't snap his new pole !!!! next was tony fry (silver fox) on peg 129  who had 64-5 and also beating the guru tart ….again...lord c was next on peg 131 and he also chucked back ...D.T on peg 131 had a total of 39-7 and then the last person to weigh in on peg 132 was Rodger (Hovis baits) who had a monster net and put on 194-3 to win the match and just missing out on the double ton (well done mate)…
Danny taking another pound from Bolton George!!!
so it fished well as always and it is a cracking venue ,so thanks to Steve and his team ..
1st overall Rodger (Hovis baits) peg 132 194-3
2nd overall Eric peg 124 162-15
1st silvers Danny (Pinocchio baits) peg 127 54-12
2nd silvers Dave peg 126 36-7...
 onto this weeks match at another great venue "Shiplate farm" 8/7/2018

We had 15 booked into this match and would be using hawthorns lake  ..and with every peg in I would have liked peg 1 or 15 but any peg from 10 was going to be hot and I wasn't looking forward to be sitting out in the baking sun all day ….had a chat with Steve and Carol and stocked up with a few cold cans, paid my pools to Shane and then took the mick out of the guru tart ..

into the bucket of dream and I get peg 4 !!! so I set myself up for a carp only today , a rig to fish over a slap/mug rig and a tip rod... also a paste rig (never used)  on the bait tray I had 8mm meat, and 4mm and 6mm pellets and some ground bait (never used)

my peg today !!!
Anyway  I had Stan next door on peg 5 and Shane on peg 3 (also the golden peg)  so a bit of banter today the all in I was sweating like a mad man ….I started on the long pole rig with meat and had a few bite then after 10 minutes I lost my first foul hooker then I had my first one in the mouth after 30 minutes ..then I started to put a few together it was slow but it sounded like the lake was fishing hard ..I had a go on the mug rig but no bites so  onto the slap rig again no bites ..the carp had just switch off today and with it being so hot I could see why … we had a few who packed up early  and I couldn't wait for  the "all out"..
We started the scales on peg 15 with Danny (Pinocchio baits) who had 8-11 of silvers and some carp for 34-1 Paul (Paxo baits) chucked back on peg 14 rob on 13 had 6-5 of silvers and 32-10 of carp for a total of 38-15 Colin on peg 12 also chucked back D.T on 11 had 33-12 then it was onto the big gun "LORD C" on peg 10 who has a great net of carp in the last few hours and had a total of 86-1 then it was the guru tart on peg 9 who had DNW but looked good !!! tony next door on peg 8 had 14-2 of silvers then George (best silvers angler in the club) on peg 7 who had 5-1 of silvers and 11-14 of carp for a total of 16-15...………….next up it was Rodger (Hovis baits) who had 21-6 ..Stan on peg 5 had 49-9 I had 72-15 on peg 4 and then Shane on peg 3 had 15-15 ..and the last 2 pegs packed up early and I couldn't blame them as all I wanted to do  was get my air con on in my car was hot!!! ..
so a great day at a fantastic venue but the sun killed it today "well me anyway!!"
1st overall Lord C (octopussy baits)

2nd overall S king
1st silvers Tony N
2nd silvers Danny (Pinocchio baits)

So a big well done to all … our club has the away day on the 9th September  at Hillview Lakes in Tewkesbury so please let the guru tart know if you are going or not …

next week we are at Summerhayes again please book in with the guru tart … have a great week



Saturday, 7 July 2018

HLS Angling Dad's Army Wednesday 4th July Shiplate Hawthorns

Fourteen of Dad's Army finest were on parade today, to contest the fifteen pegs on Hawthorns Shiplate.   It was cooler today, with a promise of showers, which was quite a change from recent weeks, but a drop of rain is much needed.

Steve, Carole and Reggie were taking care of our various requirements;  Reggie with abuse and misleading information, and Steve and Carole with the pegging, drinks etc.   There was much talk about which peg to leave out?  The answer was, leave them all in and take your chance.   This proved to be a bad decision for me.    When the draw was made there were two left in the hat, one and nine!!! which of these have I fished for three of the last four visits here??   You might guess, when Ninja put his gert paw in out came number one, which was also the Golden Peg.    I was not surprised when all my mates?? started to laugh and giving me advise on how I could spend the rest of the day;  not nice.

It was off to the start line to prepare for the attack.    Thankfully I could not see any other of my men, but I could still hear them!!    I had Ballcock to my right, and Boy George next, who reckoned he was not moaning?  he sure was making a lot of noise.

I had brought corn and castor for the hook, and a mix of ground bait.   Just the two swims, the first down to the right, where I knew that on a good day one can catch roach and crucians.   The other in front, halfway across, this was more in hope than expectation of catching a few skimmers.   There is generally a huge carp population in this area, bullying everything else that can swim, but I had to give it a try.

I shouted all in, and after feeding both swims with very small quantities I tried my luck.    In the first hour I managed about a pound of silvers and one carp.   There was a lot of chat and splashing going on, which meant plenty of carp action, which made for a little bad language, as sixty percent of the lads fish for silvers.

The rain started, and slowly but surely my right hand swim disappeared,   the weight of the water bent the rushes to cover four foot of water.   My silvers dried up, but nothing could distract from the pleasure of fishing with my mates at this great fishery.

At the all out, Danny and I made our way to peg fifteen where Mustard waited, for silvers he had two chub, and twenty pounds of carp.   Next was Ninja, who pleaded poverty after loosing two elastics, plus rigs, but he managed 46lbs 10ozs.  It was then on to Tivi, who got just two pounds of silvers and 27lbs 8ozs of carp.    Tonto was next, he wanted us not to smirk! we didn't, we laughed our nuts off!! Sorry Roger.    Wo2 Bill had 26lbs 4ozs, then our guest Alan abused his invitation by winning the overall with 70lbs 14ozs.  Well done you rascal.

Big Bird on peg 8 won top silvers with 26lbs 11ozs which were caught on paste, he had a total of 56lbs 7ozs.   Next was the Sheriff with 14lbs 8ozs of silvers for second place, AND my nugget.   Kev our professor, fishing with a hangover, had a respectable  33lbs 14lzs, after which the only man yet to mention is Tungsten with 58lbs of carp for second overall,

         Thanks to everyone for the laughs and the blagging, another day another dollar, I hope! I have                         taken some names!!

            Next week we visit Sedges, where we will be joined by George's strange friends from the
                     north west,    So get on the phone and let's give them a thrashing, in a friendly way
                           of course.

                                             There's plenty of fish for everyone!




Thursday, 28 June 2018

HLS Angling Dad's Army Wednesday 26th June Summerhays

It was Wednesday, hot, and getting hotter.  I wondered if Dad's Army would survive they were kitted out in their tropical KD and looking good.   There were ten of us on parade at Summerhays,  Pete was supplying the drinks, and giving us all the duff gen.

I had never seen Tonto down to just his shirt, and when he flashed his bare tum I thought don't take it off please.   Even Danny was taking off a few layers!!

I selected what I thought maybe the best ten pegs and did the business with Pete.   The Golden Peg was seventeen and Tonto struck AGAIN.   All the lads, even Boy George, looked happy, he was drawn next to The Sheriff, so he would be getting another lesson on how to catch silvers.

I drew thirteen with Tivi Dave to my left, and Ninja on my right, so I looked forward to a nice quiet day.   This swim starts shallowing up just halfway across, so comfy fishing just at the bottom of the slope feeding ground bait and particles, with caster and maggot on the hook, quite simple really.

Everyone was in position and loaded, it was time for all in and the attack to start.   Tiv was down the edge doing a carp thing,  Ninja as usual was splashing about with his haul of scaleys , occasionally appearing at my shoulder trying to free his gear from snags.   My day progressed with a steady catch of roach and small skimmers.   I was very happy, my float was moving and fish were there.

After a couple of hours I glanced towards Tonto, he was still doing his impression of Buddha, and the lad's were all doing what they came for, enjoying the day and catching fish!!   There were no DNW's today.

I caught all through the match, but I did not think it was enough to win.  I lost my mandatory rig to a scaley varmint, but who cared.

It was all out, and The Nasty Old Sheriff and I met up to get the scales and board.   I asked how had he done, and when he replied he had caught a few bits, I knew he had won the silvers; another nugget in his deep pockets, jammy little toe rag.

On to the weigh, Tungsten had a mixed bag of 27lbs 10ozs.  Then on to Eric the Ninja who said not much and  then weighed 87lbs 3ozs Aye man!   I managed 15lbs 5ozs of silvers and a couple of carp
Wo2 Bill had 50lbs 6ozs, and our Professor Kev 33lbs 11ozs   The Wizard  got 65lbs 1oz, and Boy George blew out with a mixed bag of 17lbs 15ozs.  No guessing who won the silvers with 21lb 2ozs well done Danny and Eric, and thanks  to Pete for a great day's fishing, under difficult conditions.

                    Next Wednesday we visit Shiplate Hawthorns.  Let's make it a memorable 4th of July                                            for all the right reasons.

                                               It's Dog and Bone time, make it ring.



Monday, 25 June 2018

trinity waters 24/6/18

Trinity water 24/6/2018
Todays match was at the fantastic Trinity waters on the outskirts of  Bridgewater  and the lake we would do battle on was woodland lake .. we had 18 booked into this match so a bit of room for most ..
The guru tart was back today and his side kick Shaun aka willy Wonka !!  also Paul (Paxo baits) was back and I can speak for all members that it is great to see him as he is one of the nicest blokes you could ever meet .
new van willy Wonka??

So I paid my cash to Shane and then the guru tart  started !!in his very, very loud voice ..and it went like this …"KINGY I GOT MY NEW BOX  AND TOP OF THE RANGE POLE AND NEW GURU READY ROD BAG AND I HAVE JUST PUT IN A ORDER FOR MY TOP OF THE RANGE  REELS " and I said "what's wrong with the rive guru box and the preston m90" and he said "I WANTED BETTER AS IT WILL MAKE ME A BETTER ANGLER " !!! OMG!! I was stood there and the only thing I could think of was Steve kedge at Bridgewater angling jumping for joy …
Anyway the pegs today were 2,3,6,7,9,10,12,14,15,17,19,23,24,26,27,29,31,32,  and the golden peg today was peg 10 and only a muppet could mess that peg up !!
So into the box of dreams and I pulled out peg 10 and yes I am a muppet ...I had roger next door on peg 12 and George( best silvers angler in the club) on peg 9 and he was telling me that all the silvers are on the other side of the lake ..anyway I sat there and looked around the lake and was thinking my best chance to win the golden peg was to fish for silvers as tony was on peg 19 and Eric was on peg3 and Shane was on a great peg (peg2) ...anyway  I just set up a pole thinking I would catch 40lbs of silvers and win.. ha how wrong was I,  as I started well on the 13meter line and had 3 skimmers  for 4lbs in the first 20 minutes and then a few more on the short line and  then it just stopped ..and for 30 minutes I couldn't get a bite and then my brain imploded and I went from hero to zero for the next hour ??  I sat there thinking I should set up this and that and then changed rigs when I should have just got my head down and fished for silvers...on the flip side I did go for carp and had 6 lumps in the last 2 hours!!!! and should have set myself up to go for them from the start...muppet !!
looking around the boys on  pegs 2 and 19,24 were into the carp  I  could see Danny (Pinocchio baits) catching silvers well and also lord C (octopussy baits) who was having a great last 2 hours on the silvers !! the boy is on fire ..and also George  next door to me had a load of white bait in his net ..
The guru tart on peg 7 was saying how his £4k pole was a dream to use but  he was still waiting for his first bite but when he did hook a carp everyone at our end of the lake chanted "snap your pole Phil" which put a smile on my face ...only for the tart to get the fish into his landing net and then the landing net handle snapped …..(£££££££ Steve kedge £££££££)..
hello sailor !!!
"The guru tarts new box and I must say it is a nice seat box and well made but it has to be as phil is 34 stone!!!!"
We started the scales on peg 2 and Shane had 54-15, Eric on peg 3 had a dnw and then D.T on peg 6 had silvers for 5-15  next was the guru tart on peg 7 and he had 8-6 then it was onto the "best silvers angler in the club" on peg 9  he told me he had 30-40 of silvers and boy did he have a net full and the scales went 23-11 …. a bit out George!!! but if you speak to George he thinks he is 6 foot tall …(he is only 3ft )
Next was me with a dnw then roger on peg 12 who also had a dnw  then Mr Chivers  (HMRC baits) on peg 14 who had 46-6 ,Danny  (Pinocchio baits) who said "I might have 15lbs" put on 29-13 of silvers  (your nose in growing Danny !!)  rob next door on peg 17 had a great day catching 24-11 of silvers and 32-5 of carp for a total of 57-0  tony on peg 19 had 75-4 terry was next on peg 23 and also had a dnw
next was the silver fox on peg 24 and he had a great last hour fishing the bomb and had 56-9  willy Wonka on peg 26 had 12-5 and beat the guru tart for his pound side bet ...again …...Then John on peg 27 had 16-15 of silvers , graham also had a dnw and lord C (octopussy baits)on peg 31 who remember only went for the silvers in the last 2 hours had a cracking net of silvers for 31-9 and lastly Paul (Paxo baits) who had 16-10
So the lake fished well for the condition as it was so hot and the lack of wind made today very unpleasant ..
1st overall tony peg 19 75-4
2nd overall rob peg 17 57.0
3rd overall tony fry (silverfox) 56-9
1st silvers lord C (octopussy baits) peg 31 31-9
2nd silvers Danny (Pinocchio baits) peg 15 29-13
3rd silvers George (best silvers angler in the club) peg 9 23-11
so a big well done to all the framers week we are at viaduct if you want to fish please ring up the guru tart ..have a great week !!!!