Thursday, 14 December 2017

Wednesday 13th December 2017 - Viaduct Campbell

Here we were again on Viaducts Campbell, and the only cars in the car park were eight belonging to HLS lads, heroes or fools? Judge for yourselves.

Matt was looking after our needs, as his parents are holidaying in warmer climes, most sensible.    The weather forecast was wet with strong  south westerly winds, so I pegged with comfort in mind.   Our expectations were not great, a few fish would have been a bonus!!

I took the money and completed the business, we then did the draw.  I got the golden peg number 129, with Danny to my right 130.   My head said fish shallow after all the cold rain the previous night, but as usual I started on the bottom, thinking I would give it an hour.   In that hour I managed two small roach and a skimmer, which made me continue with it.   Danny was struggling but managed a skimmer and some small roach, plus a perch.

It was not going to take long to weigh in, and when I thankfully called all out, the Big Bird Rob had done George by 3ozs, with a top weight of 7lbs 5ozs.

It was just another of those wonderful days;  blown to bits, soaking wet, with just a few fish.  I just can't wait until Sunday.

It's our Fur and Feather on Sunday next, we meet at the 37 Club for breakfast and the draw, then onto Emeralds for our match.   It will be a good day, with everyone getting a prize, plus a bite to eat.   On my part I look forward to a couple of pints, and some good craic with the lads.

       Next Wednesday it's Sedges Tile.

              Don't be shy, are you mice or men? Stop squeaking!

                                     Chair Bob.

 P.S.  It's the AGM on Friday 5th January 7-30 at the 37 Club.   If you want your say, put it on paper and get it to me by next Sunday.

                                  Thank you.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Sunday 10th December 2017 - Trinity Woodlands

After another hard week at work i was looking forward at having a days sport at trinity waters i was woken at 4am with very heavy rain hitting the window and was hoping that it would blow over by the time i got up at 6 ...

When i woke up  i looked  out of the window  and it look hideous and i was thinking it going to be a wet  day ! i loaded the car and got soaked , and then made my way to Street to meet “lord C” the roads from Frome to Street were very flooded and i was thinking to myself why the hell am i doing this... cos we all love it !!!

I met lord C in mac ds and the wind and rain looked like it was improving so we were hoping that it should be ok by the time we started wrong were we, arriving at trinity and the weather looked terrible with strong winds and very heavy rain  so we all piled in the hut to have a chat only for George to tell us all that if he draws the jade lake next week at emeralds he is going to put 70lbs of silvers on the scales in your dreams mate

Graham turned up and said “i not sitting in this” and then went and we also had a few no shows only 13 nutters today !!! oh yes and no “tart” today as he had to go shopping with the wife!!! Mug!!!!

I collected the golden peg money and paid my pools ,Danny and Martin did the pegging and Mr fry sorted the money ...

With only 13 fishing today it was decided that the  pegging would be 27,28,29,30,31,32,33,1,2,3,4,6,7 to try and keep people out of the wind and foot high waves ,the golden pegs were 27 and 29 and were drawn by Danny and bob ...

Peg 32 was my home and i wanted a nice easy match today ,a top 2  and a 2+3, plus a cage feeder....i made up  some  ground bait this point  the wind was so bad it blowing anything that wasn’t bolted down ask Kev . Bait today was maggots (dead and live) and micros .

I started on the cage feeder and was surprised to get a bite almost straight away but missed it ... and then missed the next 3 bite in a row when i did hit the bite i reeled in a micro roach so i that was the end of the tip for me ..had a look on the pole (2+3) and had a bite on the maggot but again micro roach .. then on the top 2 line and again micro roach ...looking around nobody was catching so i stuck with it ...a hour in and tony on peg 2 lost his umbrella which did make me smile “sorry mate” at this point i had  1lbs of micro roach (should have had more but they dropped of every time i shipped back  much to the amusement of lord C ...i could see "sausage” on peg 6 catching with his new ground bait  and he was looking good for the win today ..2.5 hours  in and i had to go for a walk as i was so cold, i had a chat with Bob and Danny who both said they had 1-2 lbs and Eric,Brian ,Kev were yet to catch so back to the 2+3  line and it did get better as i started to pick up small skimmers but it was still hard going and bloody cold !! at the all out we all packed up quick time and  started the scales with Bob who had 2lbs odd then onto Danny who put on 5-13 the a few DNW i also had 5-13  and onto Bolton’s finest who put on 4-9 ..Sausage  on peg 6 and his new ground bait  had 8lbs odd to take the win well done mate

Sorry no photos today as it was just to wet

1st overall Paul ( sponsored by Paxo )                       8lbs ish                       1st silvers Danny 5-13

2nd overall Bolton George                                             4-9                             2nd silvers s king 5-13

Right onto next week is our  xmas match with 33 booked in will be fished over 3 lakes at emerald pools   ..breakfast is from 07.15  and the draw will be 8.30ish  both at the 37 club ..also there will be a optional pools on the day (£5) which Shane will be running (paying 1st overall and 1 silvers on each lake)

Then it is back to the 37 club for food and prizes (every person gets one)

I would like to thank Bob, Tony fry and his good  wife for all the effort they have put in the xmas match (hampers, prizes and lots of running around ) without these people this match would not happen so please remember this !!! so do not moan ...

Also the AGM is on the  5th January 7-30 at the 37 Club , Anyone with suggestions or items for the agenda MUST put them in writing to BOB no later than the 20th December  SO PLEASE MAKE A EFFORT TO DO THIS AND HAVE YOUR SAY AS IT’S YOUR CLUB!!!!
See you all at the 37 club for breakfast ...have a good one

Friday, 8 December 2017

Wednesday 6th December 2017 - Emerald Pools

Dad's Army were at Emerald Pools on a cold December day, but what a match!!!     I don't think anyone felt cold , they were too busy catching fish.   I arrived early to have a chat with Alan, and then the lads started to make themselves heard, namely Horny.    He is always buying something, and today it was a new woolen tit-for-tat, green, with a turtle prettily embroidered on the front, donated by one of his older lady customers?

George and Martin went off to peg the lake, which should only take twelve comfortably, but there were thirteen of us today,  so it was a bit of a squeze.

At the draw George got what he believed to be the best silvers peg, with Martin to his right, and they duly weighed in first and second.   Roger had the Golden Peg, but it was not his day.   Ninja, next to myself, fished for two hours on the ledger for nought, put his pole just out over the rushes with corn, and amassed 63lbs 4ozs of quality carp.

Everyone was catching, and my day was good with 29lbs 5ozs , but I was only an also ran.  I did managed a 13lbs 8oz carp on my twenty hook, and two pound bottom.

As can be seen by the results sheet below, no one went home early, and we will do it again in the New Year.

A big thank you to Alan and all the lads who helped with the pegging and weighing,  I'm afraid this old git ain't up to all of it: no rude comments please.

The AGM is not far away,  FRIDAY JANUARY 5th, 7-30 at the 37 Club.   Anyone with suggestions or items for the agenda, MUST put them in writing to myself not later than the 20th December.   There will NOT be A.O.B on the night, only matters on the agenda will be discussed.

     On Sunday it's Trinity, and Dad's Army will be attacking Campbell at the
                                     Viaducts on Wednesday.

                        So come on "Hands off cocks on with socks" Let's be having you.

                                                     Chair Bob

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Sunday 3rd December 2017 - Sedges Brick LAke

After a hard week at work i was looking forward to getting out fishing Sunday but we were going to be on the same lake as last week ,and after speaking to lord C in the week  he informed me that it also fished hard on Wednesday with 9 lbs winning....

Saturday afternoon i was going to do a bit of prep and to be honest i wasn’t sure what to do after last week ...i  looked at my kit and i just couldn’t be arsed so just left it in my garage and would make my mind up what to do when i drew my peg . so peg 10 or 11 please!!!

So the first thing when i woke up was to look outside to see if there was a frost and it looked ok so fingers crossed it would fish better today.

I made my way to street for breakfast and the temperature outside was 8 degrees so a lot warmer than last week ... me and lord C got to the sedges early and was greeted by Mr guru tart and i asked if he wanted a pound side bet and he agreed... and then he asked me if i wanted a Preston mega side tray for a tenner so happy days ...

I paid my pools and collected the golden peg money and had a walk round and like last week the wind was cold and blowing from left to right but again peg 10 and 11 looked good "They should scrap Hinkley  point c and replace it with loads of wind turbines as it is always bloody windy in Bridgewater"

The golden pegs today were pegs 9 and 12 and i did say to Danny that they might go today .. the guru tart got peg 9 and roger got 12

Into the basket of dreams and peg 7 was looking at me and i was a happy bunny as i would have the wind over my back and also this is a good area for silvers but would they feed today ??

When i got to my peg i looked over to see who had the hot pegs and i could see  Brian on 10 and tony fry on 11 so i made my mind up to target the silvers today but i did set up a pellet feeder and straight bomb (never used)....but i did think the winner was going to come from pegs 9,10,11,12

I had sir bob on my left on peg 8 (again) and tony on peg 6 and i could also see Danny on 5 !!!

So i was stuck between the pair of old gits who robbed me last week and i was thinking  a rose between 2 thorns!!!  i asked sir bob if he wanted a pound side bet today he said yes young man and then i  was thinking as i sat there that i might be giving him my nugget today as he always gets a few ..but i did feel sorry for sir bob as he was telling me that he only gets £5000 a month pension !!!!!!

I set up a 1gram rig and my plan was to fish 3 areas :

13m with ground bait and maggots

6m with worm and dead reds

13m at 10oclock with  micros and pellet

At the all in i went out on the ground bait line with a  single maggot and a 20 hook and had a bite with in a minute ..then  i hooked a small skimmer and then went out again and hooked a roach so things were looking good ... 15 minutes later i  had a 3lbs bream in the net , And as this was the only line that i could catch on  so i stuck with it ... Over the next few 3 hours i was getting the odd fish and i could see that it was fishing hard again but with bob and Danny also catching  is was going to be close .

I didn’t have a fish in the last hour but could see that roger had 4 or 5 carp in that time and was sure that he would win the golden peg .

Jamie and martin did the scale so thanks for that!  Danny put on 6-14  of silvers and then i put 10-4 to go into the lead and then sir bob put on 7-9  ...then it was the hot pegs and the guru tart on golden peg 9 put on 22-10 to go into the overall lead and informed us that he lost 2 carp ..shame !! and then Brian on peg 10 had 10-2 over on the cold side tony fry had 19-11 on peg 11 and then it was rogers turn on peg 12  and he had 33-4 to win overall and take the golden peg money.
( well done you old dog)

1st overall  roger  33-4                                    1st silvers Steve king  10-4

2nd overall  the guru tart  22-10                   2nd silvers sir bob  7-9                                    

3rd  overall tony fry  19-11                             3rd silvers Danny   6-14

So i paid my pound to the tart and that’s rare for me... and then found sir bob who handed me a new pound coin but  with a pension like his a pound is naff all !!!!

So a better day for some this week and i know i was lucky to draw a good peg with the wind over my back!!! i did feel for the guys who had  the wind in there chops all day ... well for about 10 seconds...

And the day got even better because i listed  a Preston mega side tray on eBay tonight for £39.99 and it sold within 45 minutes so i would like to thank the guru tart!!!

 Next week it is trinity waters so please book in with the “tart” 

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Wednesday 29th November 2017 - Sedges Tile

Eleven of Dad's Army arrived at Sedges for the second of three matches here in eight days.   We were fishing Tile on a very frosty morning, with a brisk northerly wind blowing, so we knew it would be hard going.

Denise and Jamie made sure everything was shipshape, and supplied us with very welcome hot drinks.    I shorted the money out, while Danny did the pegging.   Peg twenty one was the Golden Peg, which was drawn by Tonto.   I drew thirty three next to Chef Pete and Tungsten; these were the only pegs on the windy cold side, thank goodness for the old flannelette long johns!!!

I decided just one light rig, small baits, and out as far as I could see my float.   I shouted all in,  but my only thought was how warm and comfy the guys on the other bank were looking;  sheer envy.

As prophesied there were not great weights to report, just great excitement if one got a bite.    Pete had two carp to win the overall, with 16lbs 10ozs, and Big Bird won silvers with 5lbs 4ozs.   My only consolation was Sheriff giving me a nugget;  happy days.

      Next Sunday it's Sedges Brick, and Wednesday Emeralds

                                  I hope it's getting warmer!!

                                                          Chair Boy

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Sunday 26th November 2017 - Sedges Brick Lake

The HLS crew were at the poplar sedges fishery in Bridgewater and the battle ground was brick lake. when me and lord C got there the wind was very cold and blowing  into the right hand side bank so a draw 1-10 would be nice as the wind would be  over your back and 11-20 it would be in your chops all day ..

I collected the golden peg money and paid my pools, i then had a chat to Eric who informed me that it was going to be a very tough day.Then the guru tart turned up !!!! only to inform  us that he was only wearing orange pants from now on !!! also he wants a guru logo duvet cover ... last year it was Preston this year it is guru and i did hear that next year he might be going over to Maver .

Anyway at the draw i would have liked pegs 10 or 11 as they are the best pegs on the lake for carp ..well in Somerset...possibly the UK who would get there mitts on these pegs ..

The golden pegs were 2,13

I went into the draw dag and pulled out peg 4 and to be honest i was happy as i was going to have a go at the silvers and this area is good for them

I made my way up to my peg only to find  lord C on peg 5 and D.T on 3 then Danny turned up on golden peg 2 .....”writing on the wall” i could Ross on golden peg 13 then looked to see that mike was on peg 11 but i was thinking that he would be going for silvers so peg 10 was looking good for the overall win!!! I then sat on my box and looked left towards 10 on to see that “the tart” was on it and smiling like the cat who got the cream , Christ if he win again i taking up golf !!!

I set up a bomb with bread punch ,a small pellet feeder, also 2 pole rigs for silvers .

On the all in i put a small amount of micros and dead reds at 8 meters and a small ball of dark G/b at 13 meters and went out on the bomb and  bread ....after 30 minutes of searching and no bites i got the pole out and tried the 8 m line then the 13 m only to still be blanking after 2 hours back out on the bomb searching the peg ..and to be honest i didn’t see much being caught and this is how my day went ..

Bob on peg 8 was getting a bite every put in and Danny had 2 skimmers.. so it looked like the silvers were going to be between them

Then Danny hooked and lost a big fish and then hooked and landed a 13lbs carp  so i chucked out the pellet feeder on my pole line at 13 meters ...with 10 minutes to go i had a rap around on the feeder and landed a carp and that was my only bite all day ...

I was glad to hear the “all out”

We started the scales on golden peg 2 and Danny put on  16-12  then bob put on 11-12 of silvers (well done sir) and  then graham had 13-10 to go 2nd overall on peg 9 and then it was the hot peg 10 !!!! I was thinking 100-150 lbs from this peg today  then the tart pulled his net out and put on 72lbs  ...sorry i mean 7-2 lbs and after lots of piss taking  it was over to mike on peg 11  who had 3-3 of silvers... then lots of DNW and the last was Mr fry on 19 who had 14-6 ...

What a hard day you just couldn’t get a bite but a close match ..well done to Danny who won 1st overall and the golden peg and to bob who won the silvers you pair of old gits !!!!

1st Danny 16-12                                                 1st silvers bob 11-12

2nd tony fry 14-6                                                2nd silvers Paul 3-8

3rd Graham 13-10                                              3rd silvers mike 3-3

Next Sunday we are back on the same lake !!! so please book in with Phil  
Well done to all that picked up and thanks to all that helped ...

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Wednesday 22nd November 2017 - Avalon Fisheries

We were at Avalon fishery today, with Ron looking after us, weighing in and all; he is a real good bloke.    There were twelve of the lads on parade today, brave they were!!!

The wind was howling straight down the lake, and everyone wanted to draw the sheltered number one peg, which is very unusual!      Chef  Pete got one, and Tonto drew the Golden Peg ten.   I had the not so fancied three, with George on four.    There were no long poles today, just five sections were difficult,  we had to be thankful the rain held off.

I shouted all in, and off we went.   Nothing complicated, I fed little and often maggot caster and I bought some flouro!! who knows.    So with flouro and red on the hook I was fishing at ten metres.   A quarter of an hour in and I had my first skimmer, and it was not long before a 2lbs plus bream followed into the net.    I was getting the occasional bite with generally a good fish up until 12-30, and then just three fish to kill off my hopes.

George was giving a running commentary on all the fish the others were catching further up the lake, but he was catching just a few minnows and threatening to go home.   Pete took his time and landed a nice carp on light gear, but it was all pretty tough going.

As can be seen from the results, the silvers were mainly on the middle pegs with Big Bird coming out on top with 18lbs 2ozs on peg nine.   Danny on peg seven with 12lbs 10ozs, and Bend It on peg twelve with 12lbs 7ozs.    Ninja topped overall with 43lbs 8ozs on peg thirteen, Danny was second, he had two lumps for 21lbs 5ozs plus his silvers.

On Sunday we visit Sedges Brick, and next Wednesday, back to Sedges, but on Tile lake.

                                              Let's do it!!

                                                              Chair Bob