Thursday, 22 March 2018

HLS Angling Wednesday 21st March Avalon

Today Dad's Army were tackling Avalon on what turned out to be a great day weather wise, with plenty of sunshine and a light westerly breeze.  This was not what I expected when getting out of bed at six o'clock to do my ablutions, outside the window it was a white frost, and I had another vision of my nuggets dropping off in the cold;  what a pleasant surprise later on.

There were nine of us at muster today, so, with the help of Ron, I pegged us in pairs with plenty of room to one side.   The Golden Peg was sixteen, which was the last out of the bag so I got lucky.  Boy George and Bend It got pegs twenty and twenty one, and were more than happy.   I got Mustard next to me using his new Drennan pole for the first time, he was looking very keen.

Boy George was using bad language before the off, he had foul hooked a carp while he was setting up.  He got a lot of abuse from the others for not waiting for the all in.

It was 10 o'clock and we started    After ten minutes my float sank, I struck, and a very small roach flew up in the air to say hello, then dropped off again, but the day got better.    I saw Big Bird landing a carp, I got a couple of small skimmers, and then some good fish as the day went on

I alternated between six mm soft pellet, and a single maggot over ground bait  a couple of inches over depth.   To my left Mustard tried everything, and after a couple of hours he got a fish, but he did improve, and ended up with ll lbs 2 ozs of silvers;  a good way to break in his new weapon.

At three o'clock it was all out.   Ron did the weighing in.  Everyone caught fish, Big Bird won overall with 50 lbs of carp.    I got the silvers, with a respectable 30 lbs 12 ozs mostly skimmers and bream.

    Thanks to Ron and Vic,   The fishery looks great, just like the fishing.

                          Next Wednesday we visit Sumerhayes  Longs.

                                    Get on the Dog and Bone, the more the merrier



Thursday, 15 March 2018


The Sunday HLS crew had their weekly fishing fix at this popular Bridgwater venue and every one want the 2 best pegs in Somerset  which were pegs 10 and 11 ....i unloaded my gear and had a nice chat with a bunch of lads from Bristol who were fishing tile lake ..i didn't get involved with the pegging but with only 16 on the lake a bit of thought should have gone into it as it was decided to put all the pegs in !!! only for the  worst case scenario  to happen !!! and it did ...
Anyway i drew peg 17 and when i got to my peg i could see that paul (paxo baits) was on peg 11 and tony was on peg 9 fishing to peg 10 (as peg 10 was not drawn)  so 1st and 2nd sorted silvers for me then ...i had lord c also going for silvers on peg 16 and the man on fire rob on peg15 oh yes we also had "The best silvers angler in the club" on peg 14 ...
The best silvers angler in the club !!

Myself  and George (best silvers angler in the club) and lord c had a £1 side bet today ... looking over to the over side of the lake they were pleasure  peg 10 was not in tony on 9 ..peg 8 not in... peg7 not in... peg6 not in... peg5 not in !! Oh sorry peg 6 was in but it had the guru tart on it so it wasn't in really  !!!
Danny was on peg 4 and mike on peg 2 so silvers could be hard to win !!
Anyway i blanked again and now on suicide watch ..not because i blanked but because i had to hand over a pound to Bolton George (best silvers angler in the club !!!) ...well done mate !!!
So the scores on the doors are:
1st overall tony peg 9 62.8
2nd overall George (best silvers angler in the club) 17.10
last Steve king 0.0 again!!

1st silvers rob 20.07
2nd silvers mike 15.10
last Steve king 0.0 again !!!
Rob with a great net of silvers ...
Sunday we are emeralds so please book in with Phil ..

HLS Angling Wednesday 14th March Shiplate Hawthorns

There were ten of Dad's Army fishing at Shiplate Hawthorns today.  The weather forecast was not to bad, and the lad's were in good voice, it was like an aviary, I thought they would give the local geese etc a lot of competition.

Steve and Carol did their normal good job,  with drinks, pegging, and all the usual advice!!  The Golden Peg was nine, drawn by Boy George,  he was buzzing and could not wait for the off.  I drew last which was the worst possible peg for me, peg one renowned for its carp; the consolation a short walk.

At ten I shouted all in, and battle commenced.    In a short time I was joined by two Muscovy ducks, who were taking more interest in my bait than the fish I was trying to tempt, but I did start catching small roach.   Bend It, who was next to me, was denying all the fish he was definitely catching, while Ninja got a carp first chuck.

My day stayed pretty constant, with small roach, until the last hour, when a carp, a chub, a crucian and  my sole skimmer made my day better.   Danny and I did the weigh in, we found the weights pretty even, one more good fish by any of the first five could have changed the overall result.  Results like these make for good matches, rather than one or two good weights and the rest also runs.   I look forward to a return in the near future.

         Next Wednesday we visit Avalon, another comfortable fishery; well stocked, and generally                       productive.

     So don't take it for granted, get on the phone, so I can give Vic a near correct number PLEASE.




Thursday, 8 March 2018

HLS Angling Dads Army Wednesday 7th March Viaducts Match Lake

Twelve well drilled and turned out lads, were on parade today.   The weatherman had promised better temperatures with sunshine and showers, but he failed to mention that the last twenty minutes would be large violent hailstones.

We were all looking forward to tackling Match Lake, which we would have fished  on our last visit had it been ice free.

Matt the young Badger was in charge today, and he sorted the pegs out while I did the business.  The Golden Peg was fifty, which was drawn by Big Bird, an angler with plenty of experience at Viaducts, so a good chance.   I drew peg forty seven, between Garters and Boy George, not the best of pegs.

The Nasty Old Sheriff had the flyer number forty four!  but he was a bit grumpy this morning, the old git, but would it effect his performance?

The wild life was active, and gave the Wizard some problems, devouring his ground bait every time he fed!   But it's that time of year for making babies, with plenty of humpy pumpy, so they need food to keep their peckers up!!

John Bradford had a very good day with silvers, using a long pole and waggler, netting 15lbs 2ozs plus a 2lbs 8oz F1.    Boy George got overall with 14lbs 1oz of carp, and 12lbs of silvers,  which totaled 26lbs 1oz .Well done you two

  There were a lot of fish caught today considering the conditions , and I would like to thank Badger, on behalf of Dad's Army,  for all the improvements he is making to the fishery, and to assure him it's not gone unnoticed.   Also thanks to Matt for a nice quick,no fuss, weigh in.

      Next week it's our first Wednesday in 2018 visit to Shiplate,  Hawthorn Lake to be used, This is
             a real honest venue where any peg can win.

                                        Let's do it.


Thursday, 1 March 2018

Trinity waters match 4/3/18

⛄⛄⛄Please note the match on Sunday 4th March has been cancelled due to adverse weather.  Enjoy your weekend. ⛄⛄⛄

HLS Angling Wednesday 28th February Sedges Brick

It was minus 5-6 degrees with a sixteen mph wind from the east!!    One would think this was a recipe for disaster.  Jamie had the aerators on all night, which gave our six heroes seven ice free swims on Brick to choose from.

Dad's Army all had to do an ENDURANCE and SURVIVAL test.   Did these old timers pass?  They definitely failed the intelligence exam!!   So why were they there?  Needless to say the ice free pegs were all facing into the wind, but who cared.

You could not believe the craic and optimism there was when they were drinking their hot drinks  waiting for the draw.    The Golden Peg was four.    Into the hat went the paws, all hoping for peg ten, which was in a sort of comfort zone, and Boy George got lucky.

Everyone fished pinkie or maggot with nothing technical, we just prayed for a bite.   Three got lucky, with Bend It amassing 13 lbs 10 ozs  which included a lovely tench.   The Sheriff was second with 9lbs  2ozs of skimmers.

Nothing more to report, only to say BRRR.  I do enjoy playing fishing with this great bunch of blokes.

     Next Wednesday it's Viaducts, the lake to be decided according to the conditions.  No doubt we will be the only chaps using this wonderful venue, so let's try for a good turnout.

                            Smart and in numbers                   



Lands end fishery 25th febuary


Well is was short tip for me today as we were at the fantastic venue "landsend fishery" and with the best breakfast in Somerset it was the perfect start .. i love this place as it a fair venue and  so clean and tidy  and mike and di are perfect hosts ...

The first thing i could see from the car park is that the lakes have had a short back and sides!!! and mike was keen to show us all his hard work ...

mikes been a busy boy !!

No Shane today so i was asked to collect the money and as we had a final turn out of 16  it was decided to put 5 on the specimen lake and 11 on match lake ..the golden peg was draw and it was peg 13 ..only for a member to say the pegs 13-15 had ice on them!!! so we re-pegged it out again and did another draw for the golden peg ...this time is the golden peg was peg 19 ..

Tony paid mike and i went into the bucket of dreams and peg 28 was looking at me !!! so of i went to get set up ..looking at our lake i could see pegs 33-40 had ice on them and our side was clear so ice breaker were not needed ..
my peg for the day (peg 28)

looking left .

on our lake we had Ross on end peg 25 , me on peg 28, Dave on peg 29 ,Tony fry on peg 31 ,and the peg every one wanted on this lake "lord c" on the inform peg 32 "full of fish"!!!

On the match lake the guru tart had the best peg which was peg 16 and with peg 13-15 not in he had loads of room !! and he looked the part with all his orange kit "tart"!!!

The "best silvers angler in the club" had peg 24 and was going to moan 10lbs on the hook .. well in his dreams anyway...

So onto my match well i blanked .. Ross on peg 25 blanked...Dave on peg 29 blanked...Tony fry on peg 31 blanked and lord c on peg 32 had 79lbs ...ok he also blanked!!.but we all had a great laugh... in the sun and it beat being at home ..and i would fish it again the next day if i could i just love the place ...

The match lake fish better and  the winners were :

1st overall Tony N peg 19, 27-5 And also winning the golden peg (well done that man)
2nd overall Rob peg 1, 16-8

1st silvers Mike b peg 3, 5-11
2nd silvers Mike d peg 21, 5-9
4th silvers "the best silvers man in the club"  peg24 2-1 ..ok i shouldn't take the piss as i blanked !! 

Next week we are fishing  trinity waters so please book in with "phil the guru tart"