Friday, 24 March 2017

Wednesday 22nd March 2017 - Summerhayes Sellicks

Ten of Dad's Army Fish Troop arrived at the venue which, weatherwise didn't look great, but this didn't deter the lads.   Pete O'Summerhayes was in good form, both giving and taking some stick, while at the same time dishing out the hot drinks.

After I took the money and did the business the pegs were selected, the Golden Peg being number 10.  It was then time for the draw, I drew number six with Danny on my left at peg eight, so I was prepared for another hammering.  

I shouted all in, and we got underway.   It was about 5ft in depth, so it was a 0.3gr float, a few spread out number 10s for a slow drop, and pinkie and caster for bait.   After 20 minutes I had two skimmers and a small carp so I was feeling quite pleased.    But not for long! that nasty old Sheriff was catching faster and bigger; I could see my nugget disappearing penny by penny.   It was a good day's fishing with plenty of bites, and I'm thinking we must use Summerhayes a little more often.

Weatherwise we had heavy showers, hailstones and sunshine, quite a mixture, just like Danny's net of fish all 19lbs 12 ozs of them, there were skimmers, carp, tench, roach, rudd, and even a very plump GOLDFISH? brought from home I suspect!!!   "Head Chef and Fisherman" Pete Cooke was top with a nice net of carp from peg 23.

      Well done to all.   It's Shiplate on Sunday and Sedges Brick next Wednesday'

                          GET ON THE PHONE

                                         Chair Bob

Monday, 20 March 2017

Sunday 19th March 2017 - Trinity Woodlands

It was an overcast day with the forecast of strengthening winds at Trinity Woodlands lake. I was making my monthly appearance with the HLS club. Most of the guys were already there when I arrived and the most excited seemed to be Bolton Boy, George. For a small chap he makes a lot of noise!!! Everyone seem to want a draw on the near bank so they could have the wind at their backs and fishing the pole was going to be a challenge for the far bank. The Golden peg was 32 but I picked number 11 so off to face the wind. Peg 12 turned out to be empty so I decided to set up the pole to fish to that but my main attacked would be the method feeder.

Most of the guys had a 10 til 4 match on their brain but Horny did say 9:45, so when he blew at that time a lot of guys were still setting up. I fed the platform swim and went out with the feeder. I started getting touches from the smaller fish immediately but nothing exciting happened. After an hour I gave the platform a look and immediately got small fish. However, along came Mr Common of about 5lb and I felt happier. I alternated between the pole and feeder for the rest of the match but had to settle for 6 carp at a weight of 31lb 10oz.

Sitting on the feeder allowed me to look around and it was obvious that Pete Cooke on peg 26 was setting the pace. Whenever I looked across he seem to be playing a fish. Shaun also started finding the fish as did Mike Davis. A lot of their fish were caught down the edge which considering the wind was an easier place to fish.

The silvers boys were catching steadily but the word was that Danny had the better fish. Bolton boy was on 31 and was getting a good catch of both silvers and carp. It was interesting to watch Danny at one point have his elastic stretched all the way down to Tony Fry by what turned out to be a tree branch. Bobby Pascoe wasn't to be outdone and he also hooked into some timber.

At the weigh in, the winners as expected were Pete overall and Danny for silvers. The most interesting aspect of the weigh in was at Bob's peg. His 7lb 11oz of silvers seemed to be less than he felt he'd caught. This was determined to be due to a 'gurt' hole in his net. Oh how we laughed!!! No sympathy!!

Please check out the results below....

Friday, 17 March 2017

Wednesday 15th March - Avalon Fisheries

A dozen of Dad's Army turned out for muster on what promised to be a great day weather wise.   And so it was, the fishing was pretty good as well.   I came last with 10lbs of silvers, but I did put back a carp.

Anyway, back to the car park where George was dealing in second hand poles, and expounding the wonders of his new pole the M50.  I was occupied extracting a few bob out of the lads and paying our dues, and not forgetting the pegging.  The Golden Peg was number 20.

Business completed, and it was time to take up our positions, check ammo, and present weapons.   I drew peg 13 again with "New Pole George" to my right, I must say it's a nice piece of kit.   It was good to see Kev back in harness after his minor stroke, and as keen as ever.   I must mention the Sheriff having a little moan about his peg.

I shouted all in, and things got underway   I was having a slow start, so I had my first pork pie, watching George catch good skimmers was so depressed I started on another.   The day progressed, and knowing how far behind I was I decided on the margins for an easy day.  I was soon into fish which included a carp, tench, and skimmer, plus roach and rudd of various sizes. 

It was a good day, George with a great silvers weight of 32lbs 11ozs deserved my nugget.   Simon on the Golden Peg 20 weighed 85lbs for overall.   Everyone weighed in with none less than double figures.  Thanks Vic for a great venue.

                         Next it's Trinity on Sunday, followed by Summerhays on Wednesday.

                                                       Get Fishing

                                                                            Chair Bob

Monday, 13 March 2017

Sunday 12th March 2017 - Sedges Brick Lake

The nominated 20 all arrived early commenting how nice the weather was, but alas not for long  as the match progressed the wind arrived with light rain, and it got much colder.

Treasure collected the money and did the business, Horny and Sheriff organised the draw, peg 1 being the Golden Peg.   There was lots of good banter about the draw, then we were off to the bank to get ready for the off.

I drew peg 13 with the Sheriff to my left and Tungsten on the right.   Pete was next on the fancied peg eleven, and he had a little smile on his face.   Horny tooted and off we went.  At the start I was catching skimmers and roach plus a nice bream, so by eleven o'clock  had near 5lbs of silvers, but that was it someone threw the switch, and except for a few roach and a bit of fun with carp near the end I had to settle  for another DNW!   Danny next door had an in and out day,  ending with 13lbs 12ozs of silvers which was good for 3rd.  Martin Western was 1st with 19lbs 8ozs, and his brother Shane 2nd with 15lbs.   Horny won overall with 111lbs 8ozs.  Pete was 2nd with 94lbs10ozs, Treasure with 85lbs 4ozs was 3rd.

It was very noticeable that the silver weights came from the middle pegs, and carp from the corners.

All in all a good match with plenty of fish caught and some good craic...On Wednesday we visit Avalon and Sunday its a return to Trinity Woodlands.

                                  What's the Craic!!!

                                                    Chair Bob

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Wednesday 8th March 2017 - Trinity Ash Lake

The weather forcast was awful, but the reality was a mostly dry warm day for Dad's Armys first attempt at fishing this venue.  Thirteen keen and well equipped lads turned out for what eventually ended with a good number of fish caught, considering the weather of late (not by myself I might add}

Misha looked after us today, selecting the pegs to be fished, and the Golden Peg number 10.   Horny was here today, which meant a bit of molesting between us, ending with a hole in his jacket, a nut on the head, and a crook leg; his only consolation, he took a nugget off me!!

I was on peg 5, and it looked good with plenty of features to fish, but all I caught were ninjas, which resulted in a DNW.   George across from me started well but then went quiet, and the Sheriff to my left started to catch, but it was the end pegs which won overall, and the bridge pegs took the silvers.   We must try this lake when it gets a bit warmer.

               On Sunday it's Sedges Brick and next Wednesday we will tackle Avalon.

                                           Enjoy it!!

                                                           Chair Bob

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Sunday 5th March 2017 - Trinity Woodlands

I was a couple of days back from my holiday at 30 degrees and lots of sun!! to rain, wind and even some hail.  Not Nice!!   There were 21 more lunatics like myself braving the elements.

There is a lot to catch up on, like has Roger started to train for the next Olympics? He went swimming at Summerhays and he even went deeper to retrieve his hat.   I have heard rumours that no one helped him, but he had no complaints, the water only came up to his knees.

It was good to know that two HLS members came 1st and 2nd in the Brue Open Championship which was no mean fete, as it was a 70 pegger, and there are us old duffers still fishing through all the bad weather, 20 plus per match, when the going is tough the tough keep going. Well done lads.

Back to reality, I drew 32, and Tivi drew the Golden Peg number 14, so it was off to the bank.  I had Tonto to my left and Ninja on my right, they are both carp men, but I did not think they would  be busy today.   Horny tooted and off we went. Presentation was difficult, but I was soon catching small fish, but nasty old Danny was catching more, and they were a bit bigger.   Bolton George was getting some nice fish.   Considering the conditions most caught fish, and at the weigh in Wooly Neil came out tops with Horny in second.   George beat the Sheriff for silvers.   I had a busy day 5lbs 12ozs of bits., but all in all a good match, and they were still having the craic inspite of all the weather MAD!!!

Apologies for no results but the rain dissolved them!!

               On Wednesday we fish Trinity Ash for a change, and Sunday we are at Sedges Brick

                          I wonder if Tonto Roger wants sponsoring for his swimming???

Monday, 27 February 2017

Sunday 26th February 2017 - Landsend Fishery

After a Saturday match at the fishery 22 of the HLS guys felt it would be a hard day. The owner Mike decided it would be best if we were spread over Speci and Match lake. The Golden peg was 13 and this is usually a hot peg so when Neil Woollaston drew it he had a smile on his face.

The results were:-

Match Lake
1st peg 21 Dave Allen 32lbs 2oz
2nd peg 1 Pete Cook 24lbs 5oz

peg 19 George Fletcher 10lbs 12oz

Speci Lake 
1st peg 38 Tony Newell 32lb
2nd peg 33 Steve King 28lbs 4oz

peg 31 Paul Bower 28lbs 4oz