Thursday, 15 June 2017

Wednesday 14th June 2017 - Emeralds Ruby Lake

Today we were fishing Emeralds Ruby Lake and thirteen of Dad's Army were on parade.   George and I turned out early, selected the pegs to be fished, and put the scales in position.    It was then time to get on with business, collect the money, and sort out the pools and fishery money.

At the draw the golden peg was 8 and Shaun got lucky.   I got peg 14 and resigned myself to a struggle.   Sheriff and I were here last time we fished, without much success;  but the sun was shining, it was warm, and there was plenty  of banter around the lake, it was all good.

I shouted all in, and within a minute Tonto had his first carp. I was not surprised the fish were everywhere and  near the surface.   I wanted to avoid scaleys so you can guess what my first fish was.   On the plus side you can always guarantee there will be lots of bites and good sport here. 

An  hour from the end I got a visit from Bend It. He sat down for a chat, but then the naughty lad started plopping stones into my landing net and groundbait, he just can't behave!

At four o'clock it was all out.  At the weigh in the weights were good, Ninja came out top overall with 84lbs 10zs.  Tonto did well with 65lbs   Shaun made a good job of the Golden Peg with 14lbs 13ozs of crucians, and got the loot.

It's time for all you chaps who want to fish the Away Day to give me your names along with a fiver  PLEASE.

On Sunday it's Landsend, and next Wednesday Avalon.  There's room on both so

don't be SHY.

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