Thursday, 20 April 2017

Wednesday 19th April 2017 - Summerhayes Longs Lake

There were thirteen stout fellows, in full kit and ready to assault the venue, which looked in excellent condition.    I arrived first and unloaded my car,  giving me time to collect the money, chat to Peter, and select the peg numbers.

I collected the loot and paid Peter, then it was time for the draw.   Peg 4 was the Golden Peg drawn by Kev, but I must say it was not the best peg on the lake.   I drew 11, with George to my left and Sheriff to my right;  I must have been very naughty to deserve this!!! 

I shouted all in, and within minutes George is moaning, his elastic was stretching, the scaleys were in action.   Not so with the Nasty Sheriff,  who was catching skimmers and roach.

I was not catching silvers, so decided to catch carp in the margin, and I must say I had an enjoyable day;   at the weigh in I  totaled 41lbs 11ozs.   George took the silvers with 12lbs 9ozs, and Merlin weighed in with 88lbs 14ozs for overall.

I would like to thank and congratulate Peter for a clean and improving fishery, and we look forward to returning in the near future.   Also to thank the lads, who made my day with their help and freindship.

                  On Sunday it's Avalon and Wednesday next Trinity Ash.

                                           Let's do it!!

                                                           Chair Bob

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