Monday, 20 March 2017

Sunday 19th March 2017 - Trinity Woodlands

It was an overcast day with the forecast of strengthening winds at Trinity Woodlands lake. I was making my monthly appearance with the HLS club. Most of the guys were already there when I arrived and the most excited seemed to be Bolton Boy, George. For a small chap he makes a lot of noise!!! Everyone seem to want a draw on the near bank so they could have the wind at their backs and fishing the pole was going to be a challenge for the far bank. The Golden peg was 32 but I picked number 11 so off to face the wind. Peg 12 turned out to be empty so I decided to set up the pole to fish to that but my main attacked would be the method feeder.

Most of the guys had a 10 til 4 match on their brain but Horny did say 9:45, so when he blew at that time a lot of guys were still setting up. I fed the platform swim and went out with the feeder. I started getting touches from the smaller fish immediately but nothing exciting happened. After an hour I gave the platform a look and immediately got small fish. However, along came Mr Common of about 5lb and I felt happier. I alternated between the pole and feeder for the rest of the match but had to settle for 6 carp at a weight of 31lb 10oz.

Sitting on the feeder allowed me to look around and it was obvious that Pete Cooke on peg 26 was setting the pace. Whenever I looked across he seem to be playing a fish. Shaun also started finding the fish as did Mike Davis. A lot of their fish were caught down the edge which considering the wind was an easier place to fish.

The silvers boys were catching steadily but the word was that Danny had the better fish. Bolton boy was on 31 and was getting a good catch of both silvers and carp. It was interesting to watch Danny at one point have his elastic stretched all the way down to Tony Fry by what turned out to be a tree branch. Bobby Pascoe wasn't to be outdone and he also hooked into some timber.

At the weigh in, the winners as expected were Pete overall and Danny for silvers. The most interesting aspect of the weigh in was at Bob's peg. His 7lb 11oz of silvers seemed to be less than he felt he'd caught. This was determined to be due to a 'gurt' hole in his net. Oh how we laughed!!! No sympathy!!

Please check out the results below....

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